Call of Duty Modern Warfare Killstreaks Guide

All of Call of Duty Modern Warfare's killstreaks and rewards in a single place.

It's little surprise that Call of Duty Modern Warfare has killstreaks, especially considering this is technically an adjacent remake of Call of Duty 4. If you've played previous games in the franchise, you know that killstreaks provide important bonuses that can turn the tide of any multiplayer match.

From strategy to tactics, killstreak advantages have myriad uses; put together in the right ways, and put into the right hands, they can help create unstoppable builds. 

Below, we've outlined all of the killstreaks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We've laid them out by the number of kills you need to activate them. Additionally, we've provided the rank at which you can unlock them, as well as a small description of what they do. 

CoD Modern Warfare Killstreaks

Killstreak # of Kills Rank Unlock Description
Personal Radar 3 kills Lvl 1 Pings nearby enemies
Shield Turret 3 kills Lvl 1  Manual turret w/ shield
UAV 4 kills Lvl 9 Reveals enemy locations
Counter UAV 4 kills  Lvl 36  Scrambles enemy maps,
impairs enemy senses
Care Package 4 kills  Lvl 28  Gives random killstreak
Cluster Strike 5 kills Lvl 1 Fires mortar cluster
Cruise Missile 5 kills Lvl 45 Player-controlled missile
Precision Airstrike 5 kills Lvl 15 Two jets lay waste
Infantry Assault Vehicle 7 kills Lvl 44   Manned light vehicle 
w/ .50 cal
Sentry Gun 7 kills Lvl 13 Automated turret
Wheelson 7 kills Lvl 23 RC airburst turret
Emergency Airdrop 8 kills Lvl 41   3 random killstreak packs
VTOL Jet 8 kills Lvl 20 Fires missile barrage,
protects player
White Phosphorous 10 kills Lvl 51 Drop incendiary on battlefield
Chopper Gunner 10 kills Lvl 1 Control assault chopper,
has turret, missiles
Support Helo 11 kills Lvl 5 Heavy helo patrols map,
has two turrets
Gunship 12 kills Lvl 31 Devastating gunship
Advanced UAV 12 kills Lvl 48 Shows enemy location
and direction
Juggernaut 15 kills Lvl 55 Jugg assault gear + minigun

And there you have it: all of Call of Duty Modern Warfare's killstreaks in one easy to access place. Make sure to bookmark this page for quick reference. For more on Modern Warfare for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, be sure to check back for our official review coming sometime next week, as well as a handful of more Modern Warfare guides

Until then, you can see what we thought of the multiplayer beta, which is essentially what you can expect in the release build. 


Published Oct. 24th 2019

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