Warzone's Season 5 introduces the new Mini Royale mode. In this guide, we'll give you all the tips and tricks you'll need to earn a victory in Mini Royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mini Royale Tips and Tricks

Warzone's Season 5 introduces the new Mini Royale mode. In this guide, we'll give you all the tips and tricks you'll need to earn a victory in Mini Royale.

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone is available to download now, and it comes with lots of new content. One new feature is its Mini Royale mode, which effectively turns the game’s main attraction into a faster, more simplified match.

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In Mini Royale, the player count is halved, giving you 35 teams of two to three players each, totaling around 77 players. The matches play pretty much the same as the matches in the main Battle Royale mode, but with shorter run times and fewer players.

Earning a Victory Royale is still tough, but luckily, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to come out on top. 

Pick the Best Landing Spot

Picking the best landing spot is essential  maybe even as essential as taking out enemies. It can shape the trajectory of how your game will play out.

There are lots of great spots to land in Verdansk depending on your playstyle and the path of the plane in relation to the gas. In general, we advise that you stay away from major hubs because you’re more likely to avoid getting killed.

We opt for landing near contracts so you can earn some goodies as you make your way to the center of the gas circle. Specifically, Recon and Scavenger contracts are the easiest, but if you’re up for it, completing Bounties can be useful as well.

Be open to changing your landing spot before you land. If you notice a lot of people headed to your original destination, it’s best to change your route and head to a less crowded area. Be sure to communicate this with your team by pinging or speaking over the mic.

Bring/Pick Up a Heartbeat Sensor

Ah, yes, the good old Heartbeat Sensor. Seriously, this thing will help you out tremendously. Of course, you can’t spawn into Mini Royale with the weapons and perks of your choice, but visiting a Loadout Drop in-game will allow you to select your custom classes, which should have a Heartbeat Sensor equipped to one of them. 

The important thing to know about using the Heartbeat Sensor is that you shouldn’t rely on it 100%, since enemies with the Ghost perk won’t appear on the sensor’s radar.

You should use it as a supplementary way to tell if enemies are near. Use sound in conjunction with the Heartbeat Sensor to give you the upper hand and make sure you call out to your team if someone appears nearby.

Pick Your Battles

It’s Call of Duty. You probably want to go around massacring everyone in sight. The problem is that even if you succeed at this, you’ll create a lot of unwanted attention that will likely result in getting you killed eventually.

Or maybe your reflexes are telling you to take a shot at an enemy that is really far away a shot you will likely not pull off. Instead, save your ammo, stay hidden, and let someone else take them out. 

The amount of deaths we’ve encountered while trying to take someone out is more than we can count. Generally speaking, we recommend to only go for the kill if you’re positive you can take it — and if you’re sure someone else isn’t close by.

Usually, an enemy or the teammate of the person you just took out will be close by, waiting to surprise you, so it’s best to play it safe. If you want to win and are iffy about your aim, it’s best only to engage if an enemy is shooting at you first. 

Always Be Aware of the Gas

Little else is worse than getting swept up by the gas because you weren’t paying attention to it. Don’t make this mistake. Make a habit out of checking the gas when the timer in the top left reaches zero. In fact, checking it every minute or so (if possible) is a great habit to have.

As the circle gets smaller, you’ll always want to put your back to the edge of the gas, while surveying the area in front of you. With the gas at your back, that’s one less area you need to worry about since no one will be coming from that direction. 

The point is, don’t go running off to the center right away  it will likely get you killed. 

Complete Contracts

As we mentioned above, completing contracts is a great way to gain the upper hand in Warzone. Some of them are more complicated than others, like Bounties, which require you to take out an enemy player. 

The main reason you want to complete contacts is that they reward you with a sneak peek at the next position of the circle. Every contract you complete will reward you with a glimpse at the circle’s next layer, which you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

And of course, completing certain contracts will earn you cash, XP, and loot, so you’ll absolutely want to do your best to finish some. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Snipers

In Warzone, sniper rifles are hugely important, due to their range and ability to reveal enemies hiding in thick brush thanks to the Thermal scope. Even if you aren’t a great shot, it’s recommended to at least have one equipped so you can spot enemies from afar. 

If you do feel comfortable using a sniper, we recommend you equip the Monolithic Suppressor and aforementioned Thermal Scope, along with the highest magnification sight you have available. 

This way, you can survey a large open area or window of a tall building to see if it’s safe to move forward. Having the suppressor will give you a little wiggle room if you aren’t the best shot since you won’t appear on the mini-map if you miss your target. 

You can have a loadout equipped with a sniper and another primary weapon if you use the Overkill perk, so be sure to do that if you want a versatile setup. Alternatively, you can replace Overkill with Ghost to negate UAVs. Just pick up a second primary from a box or dead enemy if you do. 

Coordinate With Your Team

This might seem obvious, but you’ll want to communicate effectively with your team. Doing so can be the difference between winning and losing, so be sure to use a headset to talk with your squad.

If you see an enemy, make a call out, and try to pinpoint their location by either pinging or by using the compass at the top of the screen. If you formulate a plan but then notice things might go awry, tell your squad and come up with a backup plan. 

Ask your teammate if they need ammo, armor, or a specific weapon so you know what to look out for should you stumble upon something they need.

Many teammates in the games we’ve played have been silent, which doesn’t bode well for winning the match. You can use pinging to mitigate this, but verbal communication is much more effective. 

Be Careful With Rushing to a Loadout Drop

Those pesky Loadout Drops are a blessing and a curse. Your initial instinct might be to dart towards them when they drop, but we highly advise against that.

Instead, find a nice vantage point that overlooks the box (if possible) and scope it out for a moment or two. You’d be surprised how many players will make a beeline for the Loadout Drop, only to be taken out while they’re picking their equipment. 

At the same time, you can be the one taking enemies out as they choose their Loadout, which is where the silenced sniper comes into play. Once you’ve determined it’s safe, go in, quickly grab your Loadout (we recommend to place your Warzone class first so you don’t have to scroll down to it), and make your getaway.

Keep in mind, you can purchase a Loadout Drop from a Buy Station for $10,000, but we strongly advise against that since you won’t be making as much cash in Mini Royale as you would in a normal round of Battle Royale.

Spending $10,000 is hard to justify when there are better items you can purchase for less. Just wait for the Loadout Drops to spawn if you want to save your cash. 

With these tips and tricks, you should now be more prepared for Warzone’s new Mini Royale game mode. For more on Warzone, take a look at the main hub here

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