Can You Make Glass Blocks in Enshrouded?

In this article, we'll answer whether Enshrouded has glass blocks.

The player farming in Enshrouded
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There are over 30 block types you can craft and use to build in Keen Games’ co-op RPG, each with its own uses and distinctive style. In this guide, I’ll answer if there are glass blocks in Enshrouded to make window panes and other decorative pieces.

Are There Glass Blocks in Enshrouded?

You can make building blocks in Enshrouded out of more materials than expected. You can build structures out of anything, wether that’s Wood Logs and Stone or to Limestone and Bone. Some made of the same material are for decorative purposes, such as the Refined Stone Block or the Tarred Wood Block.

It takes a while to unlock Glass, a recipe from the Blacksmith’s Smelter workstation. Enshrouded often unlocks recipes for new materials when you obtain them, but you won’t see a prompt for glass blocks. It’s not because you need to find the recipe or reach a certain point in progression. It’s because there are no glass blocks in Enshrouded.

I know. It’s a massive disappointment for the especially creative builders out there. Glass isn’t an option as an item, such as Farm Soil, in the Building Menu, either.

The Alchemist, Blacksmith, Hunter, and Farmer NPCs in Enshrouded
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Will Enshrouded Get Glass Blocks in the Future?

It’s not impossible that Keen Games might add glass blocks to Enshrouded sometime throughout the game’s Early Access period. If you’re a Minecraft player, you know how necessary Glass is to make windows look just right. An alternative might be to make shutters for your windows, which became a popular decorative choice for the Valheim community. Though, I haven’t attempted to do it in Enshrouded just yet.

And that answers whether you can make glass blocks in Enshrouded. A simple answer for a complicated game. Check out more of our guides on the game, such as how to make Explosive Arrows and how to make farm beds.

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