Cities Skylines 2: How to Fix Electricity Bottleneck

Return power to your citizens in Cities Skylines 2 by fixing your electricity bottleneck!

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Handling electricity is tricky. Depending on how you play, you’ll have to balance demand with pollution potential. That may lead you to greener options, which may have trouble producing power. Here’s how to fix electricity bottlenecks in Cities Skylines 2.

How do You Fix an Electricity Bottleneck in Cities Skylines 2?

An Electricity Bottleneck occurs when your power cables are at capacity. Then, they can’t deliver the amount of energy needed by your population. I go into more detail below, but here are the main steps for fixing electricity bottlenecks

  • Add Transformer Stations.
  • Add more Power Lines.
  • Link more Electric Cables to your grid and to the roads.

What Causes an Electricity Bottleneck?

Electricity Bottlenecks are caused by your Power Lines or Electric Cable reaching capacity and no longer being able to meet the electricity demands of your city. So, while you might be producing enough energy, your infrastructure isn’t being distributed as needed. As such, the only way to fix a bottleneck is to reinforce your electric grid with Transformer Stations and Power Lines.

For example, I have a lot of Wind Turbines in my city. And since they require Electric Cables, which have a lower transference capacity, it’s easy to run into bottlenecks. To fix it, you need to build another Transformer Station. I try to keep my stations between my Wind Turbines and the Power Lines that either lead outside my city or the ones I have running through my city.

Add a Transformer Station and More Power Cables

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Connect the Transformer Station to the bottleneck area with Electric Cables. Then, use Power Lines to connect the other side of the station to the lines that you have either leading out of the city or within your city. Whichever is closer works better, but you could snake Power Lines through your city to reach the station if you need to.

However, your buildings and roads can’t connect to Power Lines. You’ll need Electric Cables and a Transformer Station to get usable electricity to your citizens. The end goal is simply to relieve the burden you have on your current Electric Cables by adding to your power grid. It also helps to connect your Electric Cables right to the roads. Luckily, I only needed a single station to fix my Electricity Bottleneck.

That covers how to fix an Electricity Bottleneck in Cities Skylines 2. While it might seem like you need more energy sources to fix the bottleneck, the real issue is in getting the energy to your citizens. From here, check out our CS2 guide hub for topics like how to reduce every type of pollution or how to fix not enough customers for products.

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