Cities Skylines 2: How to Fix Not Enough Customers for Products

Do your shops complain they don't have enough buyers in Cities Skylines 2? Here's how to fix it!

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Of all the issues your city might have, the not enough buyers one is among the easier to fix. So, here’s how to fix Not Enough Customers for Products in Cities Skylines 2.

How to Get More Buyers for Products in Cities Skylines 2

What Causes the Not Enough Customers Issue?

The core of this issue comes from your commercial or residential districts. Or it could be a mix of both. What the Not Enough Customers issue means is that the shops in the commercial areas aren’t getting enough customers. This results in lower profit for your city. And it could be due to:

  • Too many commercial areas.
  • Commercial areas are too far from residential areas.
  • Lack of transportation to commercial areas.

How to Increase Customers in Commercial Zones

From here, open the Info Views tab and select Commercial Zones. This colors the map to show you where your commercial districts are and how sustainable this zone type is in each area.

To fix the Not Enough Customers issue, you’ll need to use this map to determine if you need to add residential areas around the commercial ones that are struggling. Or if your population is on the smaller side, it might be best to demolish some of your commercial areas.

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High density residential zones tend to have the most potential customers, so you might want to rezone sections of your city to capitalize on that. While your city is still growing, limit the commercial areas, and put them near high density zones when the option is available. This means you’ll also want parking lots in the area and plenty of transportation options as well so that the customers can access commercial areas easily. As a result, you should see the Not Enough Customers issue go away.

I stopped adding more commercial zones in my own game and just let my population grow, and that combined with public transportation access was enough to fix the issue given enough time.

And that’s how to fix the Not Enough Customers for Products issue in Cities Skylines 2. Some players believe that the excessive amount of times this issue comes up could also be a bug. But for now, these are the best ways to handle the problem if that isn’t the case. From here, check our CS2 guide hub for more topics like how to reduce pollution or how to turn on Developer Mode.

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