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CoD Modern Warfare 3: All MW3 Pre-Order Bonuses Listed

Let's review all MW3 pre-order bonuses in CoD Modern Warfare 3 as well as the Vault edition.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is finally coming out on November 10 and you can get early access with the pre-order edition along with some extra goodies. Let’s review all MW3 pre-order bonuses listed in CoD Modern Warfare 3.

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There’s also a premium version of the game that comes with its own cosmetics and progression boosts. You can even purchase the upgrade at a later date so let’s take a look at what the premium pack brings you as well.

All MW3 Pre-Order Bonuses Listed in CoD Modern Warfare 3

CoD Modern Warfare 3 brings a slew of new and exciting features despite some hiccups in the beta. I have to say that the new engine and the enhanced visuals as well as the new and better-organized maps and balance updates make me look forward to the game.

Note that you can get MW3 early access with the standard/cross-gen pre-order package which also includes various features based on your platform. Here are all MW3 pre-order bonuses:

  • PC Version (Standard Edition for PC)
    • Play the Campaign early on November 2.
    • Soap Operator Pack: Johnny “Soap” MacTavish pack for MWII, Warzone, and MWIII.
    • Zombie Ghost Operator Skin: Also available for MWII and Warzone.
  • Console Version (Cross-Gen Edition for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X)
    • Play the campaign early on November 2.
    • Lockpick Operator pack.

Whichever one you choose to get know that the early access to the campaign will be influenced by possible outages and applicable time zone differences. That said, this is a great way to get used to the new mechanics before the full launch. It might give you an edge over the other players in multiplayer modes.

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MW3 Vault Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

You can get even more additional content with the premium Vault edition. It includes all of the previously listed goodies depending on the platform you use. However, the additional cosmetic options and progression boosts set it apart. Here’s everything that the MW3 Vault edition includes:

  • Nemesis Operator Pack: Available for MWIII and Warzone, includes Makarov, Warden, and Price
    • Two weapon vaults.
  • Blackcell for Season 1
    • Battle Pass
    • 20 Tier skips
    • 1,100 CP
  • Additional 30 Tier skips.
  • Soul Harvester Tracer Weapon Blueprint: Available in MWII, Warzone, and MWIII.

All of these MW3 pre-order bonuses and features don’t have to be purchased right away in the Vault bundle. On Steam, you have the option of buying the Vault edition upgrades at a later date separately from the main pre-order package.

The MW3 playtests have indeed shown promise that the game is an overall improvement over MW2 both visually and mechanically. The pre-order/Vault bonuses can sometimes be worth it if you really want to get a jump on the game a week before anybody else with boosted progression. Though you can just as well make up the difference in playtime and progression later if we’re being honest. If you’re interested in more MW3 content, check out our guides hub on the game for tutorials like our best MCW build or best loadouts.

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