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CoD MW3: Gora Dam Weapon and Item Locations

The Gora Dam mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has some of the more cleverly hidden weapons and items. Here's where to find them.

No AAA FPS would be complete without a night level, even if some only view stealth as a soft suggestion. That’s what makes getting all the weapons and items in the Gora Dam mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 tolerable: you can stealth, but there’s really no reason to. Here’s where to find everything.

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All Gora Dam Weapon and Item Locations in MW3

Gora Dam isn’t the biggest map in MW3, but it’s not small either, so we’ll be taking a methodical approach to our search for all the weapons and items in it. For our starting point, we’ll begin in the northeasternmost section of the map, jumping down from the farthest point you can reach on the opening catwalk. From there, we’ll make our way down the eastern edge of the map, around to the south and west, and finally back north to the map’s center.

KVD Enforcer Location

Drop down from the northern edge of the catwalk from the starting position and take out all the enemies. In the northeast corner of the map, sector G2, behind some barrels and boxes, is the KVD Enforcer. A Plate Carrier Upgrade is on the nearby boxes, as well.

RGL-80 and Armor Box Locations

Keep to the eastern wall and make your way south to sector H4, where you’ll find a truck parked in a dark corner. Inside is the RGL-80, the Armor Box, a Plate Carrier Upgrade, and a standard Kavastov 762 rifle.

Silenced M4 Location

You can either take the Ascender rope near the truck or go around the back of the building to the south and climb the ladder to the upper platform in sector H5. The Silenced M4 is near the sniper and cargo drop.

Recon Drone and Hybrid MTZ-556 Locations

Keep to the eastern wall and head through the security checkpoint in sector H6. The building with the Recon Drone and Hybrid MTZ-556 is in the easternmost, well-lit checkpoint office.

Munitions Box Location

The Munitions Box is also in sector H6, a little way west of the Recon Drone and MTZ in the office on the other side of the checkpoint. You can also find an Ascender here.

Incendiary RAAL LMG Location

To get to the RAAL LMG, head all the way west across the bottom of the map to sector C6. Near another checkpoint is a small outbuilding. Head through the double doors to find the weapons crate.

Silenced Striker Location

You’ll find the Silenced Striker in sector B8 in the most southwestern area of the map, on top of a small, darkened outbuilding.

MCPR-300 Location

The MCPR-300 is in sector C7. You can find it if you face the large turbine station in the middle of the map, you’ll see a tall power-line tower rising from the south side of the lot of ruined cars. Take the rope up to get the weapon.

Silenced Expedite 12, PIla, and Signal 50 Locations

Head into the turbine station in the center of the map, sector D5, northeast of the RAAL LMG past the set of ruined cars. On the ground floor of the room will be all three weapons in a neat little line.

Snapshot Pulse Location

Head to the second floor of the power station and to the eastern end of the building. You’ll find the Snapshot Pulse in a room on your left.

Heartbeat Sensor Location

Make your way to the roof of the turbine b building, either through the ladder just out the door from the Snapshot Pulse, or by the staircase, ladder, or Ascender point on the north side of the building. From there, go to the eastern side of the roof and you’ll see the Heartbeat Sensor in a corner surrounded by sandbags.

Silenced 556 Icarus Location

The Silenced 556 Icarus is on the southwest side of the rooftop, in sector C6, across the rooftop and the helipad from the Heartbeat Sensor.

Fennec 45 Location

You’ll find the Fennec 45 SMG to the north of the turbine building, in sector B5, on the western edge of the dam. You can take the zipline from the roof across or the Ascender rope from the ground near a truck also across from the turbines.

Silenced Rival-9 Location

Head into the hallways underneath the dam where one of the bomb objective is and go to the eastern section, in sector D4. The Silenced Rival-9 is hidden behind some boxes at the back of an otherwise empty hallway.

Anti-Armor Rounds Location

You can get the Anti-Armor rounds, found in sector D4, at the western end of the bridge directly in front of the dam.

Silenced EBR-14 Location

East of the turbine building is a small outbuilding in sector E5. The Silenced EBR-14 is on the roof, which you can reach either by zipline from the roof of the power station or by climbing the stairs boxes on the outbuilding’s side.

Holger-26 Location

The Holger-26 is on the bridge leading from the eastern facilities to the center turbine station. It’s underneath the one good set of street lights near the LAV and one of the bomb objectives. Beware: there’s also a sentry gun in the bed of the truck.

Once you collect the last weapon (whichever it is), you’ll have successfully gathered all 21 weapons and items in the Gora Dam mission in Modern Warfare 3. Thankfully, it’s not as big an ask as, say, Reactor, but it’s also not nearly as simple as Crash Site. For additional MW3 content, check out our guides hub.

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