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CoD MW3: How to Get Cooked Grenade Kills

Getting cooked grenade kills in Modern Warfare 3 can be a bit tricky sometimes, but the tips in this guide should help.

Getting a kill — or multiple frags — with a perfectly cooked grenade is incredibly satisfying in a multiplayer FPS. That’s still true in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but now you need to do it for Daily Challenges, as well. Here’s how to get a cooked grenade kill in MW3.

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What is a Cooked Grenade in Modern Warfare 3?

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So, what is a cooked grenade in Modern Warfare 3? A cooked grenade is one that you hold in your hand for a set number of seconds after you’ve pulled the pin.

As you’re holding the grenade, each “breath” of the crosshair is one second, and frags have a five-second fuse. Throwing the frag grenade during a “breath” of the crosshair but before it explodes in your hand is what’s called throwing a “cooked” grenade.

How long you hold a grenade before throwing it depends on how far you have to toss it to hit your enemies. But I must caution that nades will explode after five seconds whether you’re holding them or not.

How to Get Kills with Cooked Grenades

I recommend running an objective game mode like Hardpoint or Domination to get cooked grenade kills. You want predictable points of contact with the enemy, and these modes provide that. You’ll also want something that replenishes your grenades regularly.

Play Demolition and Hardpoint

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The best time to throw your cooked grenade in Domination is at the start. If you expect the enemy to rush for the B flag, try to line up a cooked nade to explode directly above the flag without bouncing. Placement grenades on Hardpoint are a bit trickier, as the objective can switch anytime. However, because Hardpoint points rotate in a set pattern, you’ll always know where to put your cooked grenades.

Best Maps for Getting Cooked Grenade Kills

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That said, I’ve had good luck getting cooked grenade kills in Modern Warfare 3 on maps like Rundown, Afghan, Invasion, Rust (somehow), Scrapyard, and Terminal. All of these have easy-to-read and reach objectives. Provided your enemies aren’t using Trophy Systems, you can almost always guarantee an enemy at one of the high-traffic areas.

When to Toss Cooked Grenades

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In my experience, you can land most such “placement nades” from within 30 meters of a point, so toss it after two crosshair breaths when in that range. If you have a four-second travel time toss to the objective, go for it, but it may fall short.

I hate that I’m saying this, but don’t be afraid to cook a grenade and throw it where enemies might be rather than where you know they are. Random nade kills are both funny and rewarding, and the death comms can be comedy gold.

Use the Demolition Vest

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The other thing I’d recommend for cooked grenade kills is running the Demolitionist Vest. Not only do you spawn in with two lethal options (frags, in this case), but you’ll also regenerate a new frag in 25 seconds, provided you live that long.

How to Fix Cooked Grenade Kills Not Working

If your cooked grenade kills aren’t counting for the Daily Challenges, I’m afraid there isn’t much you can do. We went into more detail about this in our Daily Challenges Not Working guide, but the long and short of it is, that Challenges just don’t complete sometimes.

It’s not a you thing — it’s a bug in the game. You can restart your game, your PC, or wait a little while before trying to complete the Cooked Grenade Kill challenge again. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, sadly. Lastly, be sure that you’ve set Equipment Behavior to hold in Gameplay under Controller settings.

That’s how to get cooked grenade kills in Modern Warfare 3. For more tips and tricks, check out our guides on the fix to Gold Camo not unlocking, the best MCW build, and more in our MW3 guides hub.

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