This Code Vein guide teaches you how to beat Blade Bearer, complete with multiple strategies.

Code Vein: How to Beat Blade Bearer

This Code Vein guide teaches you how to beat Blade Bearer, complete with multiple strategies.

Code Vein is full of challenging boss fights, and one that stands near the top of that list is Blade Bearer — wondering how to beat Blade Bearer? This guide shows you how. 

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Blade Bearer is in “The Depths.” You will only gain access to the boss fight when you’ve defeated three other bosses in the area and obtained the keys they drop.

Blade Bearer will recharge its health and use some different attacks once you have knocked its health bar all the way down. Obviously, you’ll want to level up and upgrade whatever you can if the fight is giving you trouble. You’ll probably want to hit at least Level 40 before you battle Blade Bearer.

How to Beat Blade Bearer in Code Vein

First Form Strategy

Blade Bearer's first form in Code Vein

Blade Bearer is fast and deals massive damage, so learning to dodge and parry is critical.

Its first form attacks aren’t quite as challenging to deal with, so try to save your resources for the second stage of the fight.

In the first phase, Blade Bearer will mostly focus on the player, rather than any companions. Playing defense and letting your companion deal with the majority of the damage in the first phase is a sound strategy.

There are four primary attacks to deal with during Blade Bearer’s first phase. 

First Form Attacks

1. Ice Spikes: Blade Bearer uses this attack if you get close. It will form a red ball of energy in its hand, and white circles will appear on the ground surrounding the boss.

It takes a bit for the spikes to fire, allowing you to get in one or two quick hits before you need to dodge backward out of the area. If you have a weapon with proper stagger, staggering the boss before the spikes appear will stop them altogether.

2. Combo: If Blade Bearer slices its sword up diagonally, it is about to start its combo attack.

If you dodge left on its first strike, you can keep your position behind it and land some solid blows while its animation plays through.

3. Charging Attack: If you see the boss holding its sword up like it’s about to charge you and stab… well, that’s what it’s about to do.

Let the boss charge its attack, then dodge left or right. Get a good shot in before going back on defense.

4. Ice Wall: If Blade Bearer pulls its arm across its body to sweep its sword out in an arc, it will summon an ice wall from the ground as it swings.

Dodge towards and past Blade Bearer to avoid the damage, then land a few shots of your own.

Second Form Strategy

Blade Bearer's second form Code Vein

Once you knock down Blade Bearer’s first health bar, a brief cutscene will play, and the boss will add some fire attacks to its arsenal. It will also fully regenerate its health. Gross.

In this form, you’ll want to prioritize keeping your partner alive. If you’re having trouble with the boss, having your companion go down early is a death sentence. It still has most of the same attacks as before, but a few have changed or been added. Here’s what Blade Bearer does in round two.

Second Form Attacks

1. Charging Attack: This move is countered the same way as in the first form.

2. Combo: The last attack of the combo will hit a wider area and do more damage now. There’s also a bit more recovery. Wait until you’re clear of the last strike before starting your attacks.

3. Fire Wall: Similar to the ice spike attack, but it hits a wider area. Only try to land attacks while this is charging if you think you can stagger Blade Bearer. Otherwise, you’ll be caught in the blast.

4. Fire Column: Blade Bearer fires a fast-moving pillar of fire. It will track you briefly, so you may need to dodge it twice if you’re close to the boss.

TL;DR Strategy

Blade Bearer on fire

This applies to most bosses in Code Vein, but here are the basics for Blade Bearer:

  • Dodge most attacks left. Only go for long attack strings if you stagger Blade Bearer and it drops to a knee. Otherwise, get in one or two hits before backing off.
  • Have shields up constantly, especially fire and ice elemental ones.
  • When in doubt, keep your distance and learn the attack animations.
  • Try not to overuse healing items or consumable in the first phase as the second is much more difficult.
  • Keep your companion alive as long as possible.

That’s how to beat Blade Bearer in Code Vein.

Blade Bearer is tough, but not unbeatable. There are worse bosses you’ll encounter throughout your time in Code Vein.

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