Confessions Locations Guide: Child of Light

Where to find the 16 confessions in Child Of Light by Ubisoft

Where to find the 16 confessions in Child Of Light by Ubisoft

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Looking for all the confessions in Child of Light? Below are the confessions listed in the order we encountered them on playthrough. Ubisoft has deviously ensured you think they’re in order by putting #1 first, but expect them to be randomly numbered thereafter.  

Fair Warning: We try to keep things vague while still letting you find the confession location, but you are likely to pick up context spoilers if you read past the confession you’re currently seeking. 

Where to Find Confession #1

Chapter 3 – Winds

After the seer gifts you with flight, leave the Monastery (grabbing both the lever chests and new firefly chest on your way out) then fly left out the opening and into Chapter 3 – Winds. As soon as you reach the new stage, fly back to the right and then up as far as you can until you see a paper blowing in the wind. Capture it. 

Where to Find Confession #5

Tree of Thorns

Before passing through the arched gateway to the Tree of Thorns, fly directly up to the top of your screen and catch the confession.

Where to Find Confession #8 

Tree of Thorns

In the Tree of Thorns, just right of the sign for Capilli Village, look for a treasure chest. Above it is a room in the branches where you’ll find confession 8. 

Where to Find Confession #6

Look for #6 near the entrance to the Plains of Rambert in Capilli Village.

Thanks to ChunkehMunkeh for the location of #6!

Where to Find Confession #3

Deep Dark Well

In the Deep Dark Well, when you find the crow that is Finn’s grandfather, fly to the top of the cavern and you’ll see confession 3. 

Where to Find Confession #7


In the Windwheels, fly under the bridge opening and left after you speak to Nora.

Where to Find Confession #2


As you explore the Windwheels, don’t forget there’s more to the level than sky. You’ll find a cave accessible through brown double doors full of fire wraiths, and in the lowest cavern is the second confession.

Where to Find Confession #9

Magna’s Vault

Confession 9 is in one of the center chambers of Magna’s Vault. If you’ve passed the lava, you’ve gone too far. 

Where to Find Confession #15

Plains of Rambert

In the Plains of Rambert, All the way left and up between two waterfalls under one of the floating islands near the entrance to the temple of the Moon.

Where to Find Confession #10

Temple of the Moon

In the Temple of the Moon, before you pass through the magic mirror, fly directly up to the temple ceiling. 

Where to Find Confession #4

The Dungeon

After you escape from your cell, go left one room and fly upwards in the chamber until you reach the top. Near the creepy tree you’ll find confession 4.

Where to Find Confession #14

Moon – Boss Fight

Before (or after – both work) you recover the Moon, fly up above the bridge and snag the confession blowing in the wind. 

Where to Find Confession #11

Piscean Village

Above the shrine / sign just before entering the Cynbel Sea, fly directly up into the wind. 

Where to Find Confession #13

Gate of the Sun

In the Gate of the Sun, look for a chamber with four waterfalls coming down from the ceiling. In the center floats confession 13. 

Where to Find Confession #16

Gate of the Sun 

In the Gate of the Sun miniboss chamber, fly straight up to the top to find confession 16.

Where to Find Confession #12

Poisoned Chamber

Confession 12 is located in the poisoned chamber where Nox entraps Aurora, I’d address getting out, then nab the confession as you leave through the opened center chamber.

Savvy readers will note I’ve missed one of the confessions. If you find the one I’ve overlooked, please let me know in the comments and we’ll add your wisdom to the guide!


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