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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Complete Run This Town

Run This Town is one of the more interesting endgame missions in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. Here's how to complete it.

The Run This Town mission occurs near the end of the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty. You’ll complete a mission called Firestarter, and no matter which narrative branch you choose, there will be a power vacuum that needs filling. Shortly after completing the story quest (either helping or betraying Songbird), Mr. Hands will give you a call to fill this void. In this guide we’ll go over exactly how to complete Run This Town and do just that.

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Note: This guide contains story spoilers for the end of the Phantom Liberty campaign. Read at your own risk.

How to Complete Run This Town in Phantom Liberty

Mr. Hands has someone in mind to fill Hansen’s shoes: his one-time lieutenant, Chester Bennett. Much to his chagrin, another of Hansen’s close associates also wants control, his accountant Jago. Your job is two-fold: convince Jago to back down and ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

The gig starts when you meet Hands in his suite, where he says you’ll be assuming the role of infamous Cuban assassin Aguilar using Behavioral Imprint technology. Using her reputation as a catalyst, you’re then to meet with Jago, remove his candidacy, attend Hansen’s wake and make sure Bennett ends up in charge.

How to Convince Jago in Run This Town

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The first wrinkle is catching Jago at a clandestine meet-up with the Voodoo Boys. There are two ways this encounter can go down. You can kill the Voodoos or talk them out of the deal altogether. The former is more likely, as they don’t know who Aguilar is and respond to almost all of your possible dialog options with violence.

However, if you have 20 ranks in the Cool Attribute, you can use that dialog option to intimidate/convince the Voodoos to abandon their arrangement with Jago without lifting a finger. Should you choose to Be Cool, the conversation you have with Jago will also have a Cool option that easily convinces him to fall in line.

If you killed the Voodoo Boys, you won’t have access to the Cool response, instead you’ll have a rank 14 Body challenge option. If you’re like me and didn’t have enough Body to make Jago back off, you can kill him or tell him to obey the chain of command. While killing him is quickest, it’s not the best choice. After you tell him to fall in line, he has his guard Charles threaten you. Kill the big lug, and Jago will back off as normal.

Regardless of how your conversation with Jago goes, he’ll mention to you that Bennett is in Arasaka’s pocket. Your next choice is whether to contact Mr. Hands or meet Bennett after his meeting with his Arasaka contact. I suggest meeting Bennett, as it allows for the best overall ending.

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How to Separate Bennett from Arasaka

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At the meeting with Bennett, you have a few choices. After killing his chauffeur and hiding the body, get in the car. When Bennett gets in the back seat, you’ll need to convince him to give up on Arasaka. The dialog choice that does so without violence is “What if Jago weren’t a problem?” Hearing that from Aguilar will give Bennett the security to forget about the Japanese corp.

If you instead choose “You will forget about Arasaka,” Bennett will be incredulous and will go straight back in to see his handler. If you select “Oh, Bennett,” a fight will ensue where you can either order him to let Jago lead in his place or do as you say and behave.

Hansen’s Wake Choices

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Now for the final act: Hansen’s wake. Make your way to the Black Sapphire, assume Aguilar’s disguise, and head up the elevator. During your meeting with Bennet and Jago at Hansen’s coffin, if you haven’t put Jago in charge, Bennett will want all of Jago’s contacts as proof of his loyalty to the cause. You have three dialog choices.

  • A fair price, Jago. One you will pay.” — This is the best response, as it forms a partnership based on mutual interest.
  • No. You do not get a new toy, Bennett.” — Choosing this response sees Bennett fly off the handle and shoot Jago in the face. Mr. Hands will not be happy with his hand-picked leader having lost all of Jago’s contacts, and your reward will be smaller.
  • Show your weapon | You would plunge Dogtown into chaos?” — This response has the same result as “A fair price,” but things might get dicey down the road as the partnership between Jago and Bennett will be based on fear rather than mutual cooperation.

In the event you forced Bennett to accept Jago as leader, the lieutenant colonel will cede all his power. You can either rob him of anything meaningful or allow him control of Terra Cognita. The dialog options and results are the same, though Jago ascends to power rather than Bennett taking control in the scenarios where Jago lives. Mr. Hands is not pleased if you go this route, berating you for going against his wishes and reducing your reward.

Regardless of how the mission ends, once you remove the Aguilar disguise for the last time and receive your reward from Hands, you’ve officially completed Run This Town in Phantom Liberty. It’s one of the shorter missions in the expansion, but also one of the more consequential.

One note: though the reward chest near the entrance of the Black Sapphire has like five uniques in it, they disappeared from my inventory every time I collected them and then removed the Aguilar disguise. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, so you might wait for confirmation in the patch notes about the issue.

And that completes our Run This Town walkthrough guide. For more content on Phantom Liberty and Cyberpunk 2077 as a whole, check out our guides on where to buy Iconic weapons, how to get the MaxTac Mantis Blades, and more in our guides hub.

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