Dauntless Guide: How to Farm All Orbs

In this guide you will learn how to farm all sorts of orbs in Dauntless, from neutral orbs to radiant orbs and more.

In this guide you will learn how to farm all sorts of orbs in Dauntless, from neutral orbs to radiant orbs and more.

Obtaining a powerful weapon in Dauntless is a significant step towards victory. But you can make your weapon even stronger by infusing it with the orbs that correspond to your weapon’s element.

There are seven types of orbs in Dauntless, which can be farmed in two different ways depending on your level of progression. Below you will find both of these methods for both beginner and advanced players.

Method 1: Killing Behemoths

The best way to farm orbs in Dauntless is to hunt for patrols. But if you haven’t unlocked patrols yet, then your only choice left is to hunt behemoths as you progress through the game.

Here are the types of orbs that you can farm from different behemoths:

  • Blaze Orbs from Blaze behemoths
  • Frost Orbs from Frost behemoths
  • Shock Orbs from Shock behemoths
  • Terra Orbs from Terra behemoths
  • Neutral Orbs from Neutral behemoths
  • Umbral Orbs from Umbral behemoths
  • Radiant Orbs from Radiant behemoths

When you complete the Go Forth and Slay main quest, you can switch to the second method for orb farming in Dauntless.

Method 2: Hunt for Patrols

When you achieve Slayer level 4, you can start the City on the Verge quest. This quest will give you the chance to unlock hunting patrols. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hunt Skarn behemoth
  2. Hunt Shrike behemoth
  3. Speak to Arkan Drew at Ramsgate
  4. Craft Skarn’s Defiance lantern
  5. Craft Shrike’s Zeal lantern
  6. Speak to Janek Zai

When you’re done with the quest, the hunting patrols will be unlocked in your Huntboard menu.

These patrols will grant you access to repeatable behemoth hunts that are perfect for orb farming. As a reward for each hunt you will gain extra 10 neutral orbs plus the orbs of the behemoths you have slain.

This is much faster than simply going on individual hunts and is the preferred method.

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