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Dave the Diver: Is Auto Supply Worth It?

Is auto supply worth it in Dave the Diver and what are its downsides?

Auto Supply is an interesting feature, but you may be pensive to use it early in the game because of potential ingredient losses. This begs the question is Auto Supply worth it in Dave the Diver?

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When I first started playing the game back in July, I only realized that Auto Supply existed a while into my playthrough. Bancho only has a single line to say about it, which is easy to miss or forget. The feature is indeed highly useful but is it worth turning it on all the time?  

Is Auto Supply Worth It in Dave the Diver?

Essentially, Auto Supply in Dive the Diver makes it so that you don’t have to plan out how many dishes you’ll serve for the night ahead of time. You can simply have Bancho prepare one instance of the dish and then automatically make another if a customer orders the first one.

How to Use Auto Supply in Dave the Diver

If you’re not using it, if you prepare five Marlin Sushi dishes for the night and the customers order only two or three, the rest is discarded when the night is over. You can use Auto Supply to save a bit on ingredients, if you only stock one or two initially and let Bancho take the wheel after, rather than fully stocking on dishes and hoping for the best. Here’s how to use it:

  • Open “Today’s Menu” and click on “+Add Menu” to add a dish.
  • Select any dish, in this example Marlin Sushi, and click “Ok”.
  • Add one instance of the dish and confirm with “Ok”.
  • Then, hover over the dish and select “Manage”.
  • Lastly, select “Auto Supply”.

Bancho will prepare only one dish and then automatically make another if the need arises. This makes it so that there is less waste at the end of the night and you don’t have to plan ahead but can rely on what customers want.

Auto Supply is a highly useful and worthwhile feature that reduces waste in most scenarios. However, there are two important sidenotes:

  1. There will still be at least one wasted Auto Supply dish at the end of the night since Bancho always keeps one stocked.
  2. I usually recommend turning off Auto Supply for rare or special fish dishes for the above reason.

To make a long story short, Auto Supply is generally worth it but should be used carefully in certain scenarios.

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Should You Auto Supply Rare Dishes in Dave the Diver?

There are rare dishes in Dave the Diver that sometimes require a special ingredient or a stack of more than one fish. When preparing your menu in these scenarios you should consider the first sidenote of using Auto Supply. Essentially, always bear in mind that one rare fish ingredient will go to waste at the end of the night if you end up using Auto Supply on a special recipe.

Always be aware of demand when prepping dishes that use lots of ingredients or one rare ingredient. For these special cases, sometimes it’s better to set a plan of only one or two of them and then just manually add them if you run out.

So in general, is Auto Supply worth it in Dave the Diver? Yes, it can help reduce waste in most cases for accessible dishes, and it’ll make things less hectic when the restaurant is busy. That said, remember that Auto Supply wastes at least one instance of the dish which can hurt for recipes with rare ingredients. In these cases, a planned menu might be more worthwhile than an automated one. We hope you found this article useful because there are plenty more Dave the Diver guides on our site and even recommendations for similar games.

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