Dead by Daylight: Best Killers Tier List

Watch out for the new meta with our tier list of the best killers in Dead by Daylight.

Watch out for the new meta with our tier list of the best killers in Dead by Daylight.

A new Chapter 24: Roots of Dread has been added to Dead by Daylight, which introduces a new type of killer named The Dredge. This new character is really powerful, and this addition changes the entire meta of the game.

Our guide will provide you with an updated tier list of the best killers in Dead by Daylight. You will learn why The Dredge is a top-tier killer, and how he stands in comparison to other existing killers in the game.

S-Tier Killers

The Nurse
  • Speed: 96.25% / 333.25%
  • Radius: 32 m.

Sally Smithson, or the Nurse, is still considered to be the most brutal and hard-to-beat killer in Dead by Daylight.

Her Spencer’s Last Breath ability allows her to move extremely quickly, so don’t even try to run away or hide from her. She can chain blink as far as 12 meters, and the fatigue doesn’t last for more than 2 or 3 seconds.

A Nurse’s Calling perk allows her to detect survivors who try to heal, giving up their positions regardless of the cover. She can then use Thanatophobia to penalize any survivor who tries to either repair, sabotage, or cleanse action speed.

However, this killer is not recommended for new players, as mastering all of her abilities takes a lot of time.

The Plague
  • Speed: 115%
  • Radius: 32 m.

Adiris, or the Plague, is a mysterious character that has complex system of terror perks that also require a certain level of mastery.

As the name of the killer suggests, she spreads sickness using her Vile Purge ability. It not only infects survivors that get hit by the Plague, but also any object that comes into contact with her, eventually infecting any survivor touching those objects.

Additionally, she can infect other survivors with terror, which makes them spread to other survivors. This is possible to achieve with the Dark Devotion perk.

Note that the only thing that can cure a survivor from this sickness is the Pool of Devotion, which can be found in the Trial Grounds.

The Dredge
  • Speed: 115%
  • Radius: 32 m.

This is the newest killer, which was added in the Roots of Dread DLC, who has some ugly skills for sure.

His Reign of Darkness power allows him to move freely within the Trial Grounds and teleport to the Locker whenever he wants. This leaves all survivors vulnerable even in the most “safe” environments.

Once a survivor enters his terror radius, The Dredge can initiate Septic Touch, which disrupts all healing actions, and instead curses the survivors with blindness and exhaustion.

As you see, this is a more straightforward killer than the previous two mentioned, and thus is more suitable for newer players.

A-Tier Killers

The Spirit
  • Speed: 110% / 176%
  • Radius: 24 m.

Rin Yamaoka, or the Spirit, is the lighter version of the Nurse, with her teleportation skills being especially useful.

Her Yamaoka’s Haunting ability is very similar to the Nurse’s blink power, when the Spirit leaves the body and freely traverses distances. However, while the Nurse suffers only a very short fatigue after using her power, the Spirit must rest for about 15 seconds before she can use it again.

You can also use her Rancor skill to detect survivors, but this ability allows for only short glimpses of their locations that last for a couple of seconds.

The Blight
  • Speed: 110% / 230%
  • Radius: 32 m.

This gruesome killer has the ability to increase his speed in order to quickly catch and injure survivors.

His Blighted Corruption power is complex, but it’s worth the extra effort. Of course, it requires a lot of practice in order to consume all the tokens, use up all your speed duration, and finally achieve that deadly damage.

The drawback of this power is the fatigue period, which takes quite some time. Until all the tokens recharge, you can use his Hex skills to manipulate generators, pellets, or totems.

B-Tier Killers

The Hillbilly
  • Speed: 115% / 230%
  • Radius: 32 m.

Max Thompson Jr., or the Hillbilly, is probably the most fun killer in Dead by Daylight, because you get to chase the survivors with a chainsaw in your hands.

If you’re not too keen on all the wicked tactics and strategies of the previous killers, then Hillbilly would be an excellent choice. He’s tough, persistent, fast, and his chainsaw weapon is amongst the best in the game.

The Hillbilly is also noisy and predictable, but you’ll never be as entertained as with this character.

The Nemesis
  • Speed: 115% / 95% / 100%
  • Radius: 32 m.

The infamous mutant zombie boss from the Resident Evil franchise has made an appearance in Dead by Daylight.

His best skill is the T-Power, which summons zombies that help him chase and detect the survivors in the Trial Grounds. However, survivors can use flashlights or firecrackers to easily distract zombies.

On top of that, Nemesis can apply various negative status effects on survivors, which can be quite unpleasant.

If you were a fan of this boss from the early Resident Evil days, then you simply can’t skip him.

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