Dead Island 2: How to Get the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles

Here's how to get the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles in Dead Island 2 to torch your foes with fists of fire.

Here's how to get the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles in Dead Island 2 to torch your foes with fists of fire.

The Party Starter Brass Knuckles Legendary weapon is a unique variant in Dead Island 2. It gives you decent melee range capabilities, coupled with innate perks that cause foes to get roasted with fire. Below, we’ll tell you how to get it by leading you through the quest called Drunk and Disorderly. We’ll also outline its mods and perks.  

How to Get the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles in Dead Island 2

To get the Party Starter Legendary Brass Kunckles in Dead Island 2, you’ll need to complete the Drunk and Disorderly quest. This mission can be started in Ocean Avenue, though it will take you to other zones afterward. 

Go to the Ocean Avenue Serling Hotel fast travel point. From there, head down to the first-floor bathroom, which is to the right of the stairway with the “Staff Only” sign.

In the bathroom, you’ll see a zombie feeding on a corpse. Take it out, and pick up the note. If you can’t find the zombie here, then you might need to complete the campaign or do this quest at night (i.e., fast travel to Ocean Avenue and select the nighttime option).

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The note talks about a group of friends that went out partying. Their first stop was the Roses Tattoo Parlor on thee boardwalk in Venice Beach. Slide under the shutter, take out the Screamer, and pick up the note inside.

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After that, continue along the boardwalk, passing by all the shops until you reach the Gang Green weed dispensary. In front of the shop, you’ll see a zombie named Cole. Kill him, and grab the note.

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The clue in the note says that the dudebro entourage went out to Pier Grill. Fast travel to the Santa Monica Pier, and check the large restaurant just before the entrance to the theme park.

You should see a note on the table in front of the restaurant. This will cause several undead to spawn, including a unique Firestorm Slobber named Jordan. Eliminate him, and pick up his key.

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Return to Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue. Remember the staircase with the “Staff Only” sign? Head down there to reach the basement parking.

There, you’ll spot a white SUV. Open the trunk using Jordan’s key and you’ll get your reward. This completes the Dead Island 2 Drunk and Disorderly quest, netting you the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles.

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Party Starter Brass Knuckles Mods and Perks

Here are the mods and perks for the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles:

  • Mod: Superior Melee Cremator: Inflicts fire damage and grants a major damage boost; successive hits to a zombie grant the apply the ignited effect.
  • Perk: Weighted: Increases force but decreases attack speed.
  • Fixed Perk #1: Spitting Fire: Knock down or kill a zombie to gain a moderate fire resilience boost and ignite nearby hostiles.
  • Fixed Perk #2: Skilled: Killing a zombie grants moderate damage and recharge boosts to heavy attacks.

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As you can see, the Party Starter packs a punch (pun intended). This pair of Brass Knuckles can be used to pummel opponents, burning them to a crisp with each strike.

And that’s how to get the Party Starter Legendary Brass Knuckles in Dead Island 2. To learn about the other powerful endgame armaments, you can check our Legendary weapons hub. Likewise, for more about Dead Island 2, you can visit our main DI2 guides hub.

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