Dead Island 2 Lockbox Key Guide: Bel-Air and Halperin Hotel

The first two maps in Dead Island 2 have a few hidden treasures to choose from. Here's where all the lockbox keys are that are taunting you in Bel-Air and the Halperin Hotel.

The first two maps in Dead Island 2 have a few hidden treasures to choose from. Here's where all the lockbox keys are that are taunting you in Bel-Air and the Halperin Hotel.
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Early in Dead Island 2, when you’re beating zombies with lengths of pipe and fence posts, lockboxes represent a valuable chance to switch from improvised to actual weaponry. Here’s where to find all the lockbox keys in Dead Island 2‘s first two maps.

We’ve got more guides covering lockbox key locations for the entire game, conveniently separated by map:

Dead Island 2: Where to Get All Lockbox Keys in Bel-Air and the Halperin Hotel

You’ll basically trip over a couple of lockbox keys in Bel-Air, and Halperin Hotel serves one up to you on a plate. However, there are a couple of lockboxes on both maps that you won’t be able to open until Dead Island 2‘s endgame.

Bel-Air’s Lockboxes

Eddie’s Toolbox

The first lockbox in the game is in the back of the pickup truck in Emma’s back driveway. You won’t be able to open it for quite a while, as Eddie has become a Butcher.

In the late game, post-“Boardwalking Dead,” go back to Colt Swanson’s house at night and watch out for Green Thumb Eddie. Don’t worry: Eddie will find you.

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Cable Van Trunk

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The locked Cable Van can be found next to the Goat Pen house’s gate on Alpine Drive. When you return from the Halperin Hotel to Bel-Air for “The Chosen One,” you’ll likely run into the Cable Guy along Alpine Drive. He’s one of the first Shocking Walkers in the game.

Curtis’ Valuables Safe

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After you complete “Death of the Party” and get Curtis’s keys, you’ll have the run of his mansion, but not the safe in his pantry. At night, Crystal the Lawyer appears in his back yard as a Screamer and drops the lockbox key. I tend to trip over her when I’m on my way back to Emma’s during “Saddle Up for Santa Monica.”

The Vault of Broseidon

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It’s easy to overlook, but there’s a wall safe above the bed in the “Spartan and the Broseidon” podcast studio near the front door of the Goat Pen House. A named Crusher, Goat Pen Brock, appears in the Goat Pen poolside gym at night, and he’ll drop the key for you. This lockbox always seems to contain a Mace.

Coach’s Car Trunk

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This is the rare case where you’ll probably find the zombie before you notice the lockbox. Coach Ace appears by night on Colt Swanson’s tennis court as a Walker, and will likely try and jump you when you’re heading through Bel-Air to Beverly Hills for the first time. Her car is in roughly the center of the map, where the three Access Roads intersect.

Halperin Hotel’s Lockboxes

Military Supplies Case

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As you initially make your way towards the Halperin Hotel, you’re likely to notice the Military Supplies Case, which is the back of a beige humvee near the zone’s entrance.

You won’t be able to open that case until you start “The Chosen One,” when a swarm of zombies jump you on your way out of the hotel. Their leader, a Crusher called the Drill Sergeant who’s a real handful this early in the game, has the Case’s key. So far, every time I’ve opened this lockbox, it’s contained a rare Military Knife.

Fancy Leather Trunk

This is the lockbox with the longest gap between when you find it and when you can open it. The Trunk is in plain sight on the hotel’s third floor, right by the elevators, but the zombie with the key doesn’t spawn until the end of the game, in the nearby hallway.

Worse, the Mutated Guest, as the name might suggest, is a unique Mutator with a lot of extra health. Combined with the narrow hallways of the hotel, this is genuinely one of the tougher fights in Dead Island 2.

Halperin Security Safe

There are two security booths in the hotel’s parking lot, and the north one has a safe on its countertop. Break into the booth by first destroying the maglock on its exterior wall, then break a window and throw something at the second maglock next to the door.

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The zombie you need, Hotel Security, is in the nearby parking garage, where it’s surrounded itself with skull-level backup. Don’t expect to be able to take this area on until you’re at least level 15.

Poolside Bio Container

Again, you’ll spot this well before you can do anything about it. It’s in one of the booths by the side of the hotel pool, underneath what’s become a devastatingly ironic neon sign. In the late game, you can revisit the big sinkhole on the street outside the hotel to find Sunbather, a named Slobber who’ll drop the Poolside Key.

Military Courier’s Case

This hardshell briefcase is at the end of the short balcony in the lobby, next to its front door.

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The Military Courier spawns during the day, right in the lobby as a Runner. However, she doesn’t seem to want to appear if you’re here on a side quest, such as “The Rav-Ages of Caustic X.”

Laundry Room Locker

It’s easy to miss this cache, which is in the laundry room on the second floor of the hotel, directly across from Room 217.

Towards the back half of the game, you can revisit the bridal pavilion by day to find a zombie mosh pit, which is headed up by Bridesmaid Karaoke, a rare Voltaic Screamer. This is a surprisingly tough fight, as there are a lot of zombies crammed into this small space, and the Bridesmaid herself has a lot of health. Upon her defeat, she’ll drop the key to the maids’ storage locker, for some reason.

Our safecracker’s tour of Dead Island 2 continues next with guides to Beverly Hills and Monarch Studios. For other, less larcenous tips and tricks, check out our dedicated Dead Island 2 game hub.

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