Here's how to get and use Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic: How to Get Weapon Overclocks and Use Them

Here's how to get and use Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic.

Weapon Overclocks aren’t apparent to new Deep Rock Galactic players, but as you progress through and rank up with your favorite classes you’ll find yourself wanting to get Overclocks to more easily deal with swarms and up the Hazard level.

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In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic as well as what they do.

What Are Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic?

Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic are special modifications that can be unlocked and equipped to weapons, improving upon their capabilities. There are 124 available Overclocks in the game, all of which are class-specific and come with unique properties. There are three main types of Overclocks:

  • Clean: Clean Overclocks give small enhancements and come with no penalty.
  • Balanced: Balanced Overclocks pack a bigger enhancement than Clean Overclocks, but also come with a balancing penalty.
  • Unstable: Unstable Overclocks are the most extreme, bringing a massive upgrade to your weapon, with a burden of a massive penalty.

Each class; the Driller, Engineer, Gunner, and Scout has five weapons — three primaries and two secondaries — that come with between five and seven possible Overclocks to unlock. They all include at least one of each Overclock type.

The effects of each one are detailed in the item stats, with positive effects being indicated by green arrows, and penalties being indicated by red arrows. Only a single Overclock can be equipped to any one piece of equipment at a time. They can not be stacked.

How to Get Weapon Overclocks

Weapon Overclocks can be unlocked through the completion of Deep Dives, and can be unlocked as rewards for Weekly Core Hunts, Forge Mastery, and Machine Events.

The best way, for sure, is through the weekly Deep Dives, as you are guaranteed one Overclock per Deep Dive, and you can get a second one through completion of the Elite Deep Dive variant.

In order to unlock Deep Dives, you must first promote your first Dwarf. To unlock the Elite variant, you must simply complete your first standard Deep Dive. Regardless of the variant, you will be tasked with completing six primary objectives spanning three missions. Completing all three missions will earn you your reward.

Deep Dives can be found through the Deep Dive Terminal, which is located on the Space Rig. If you fail, you can retry as many times as you like until you succeed, though you can only claim the reward a single time. New Deep Dives appear at 6AM EST each Thursday.

How to Equip Your Overclock

Once you have an Overclock unlocked, you must first bring it to the Forge for crafting. It will cost you some credits, as well as some crafting resources that vary by the Overclock. You’ll be paying 7000 to 9000 credits to craft, plus a few hundred worth of three of the following:

  • Enor Pearls
  • Magnite
  • Jadiz
  • Umamite
  • Croppa
  • Bismor

Once you’ve crafted it, you can equip it by finding the respective weapon in your inventory, and pressing the available Overclock on the right side.

That’s all there is to know about Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic. Get to Deep Diving and try to nab some Overclocks you like, and keep in mind that if you get one that you don’t think you’ll like, you don’t have to pay to craft it.

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