Deep Rock Galactic Guide: How to Call Ammo Resupply Drops

While busy mining for ore and gunning down alien insects, this frantic and claustrophobic multiplayer shooter forgot to explain how to resupply your ammo reserves!

Cooperative space dwarf mining simulator Deep Rock Galactic has crashed into early access, offering a whole new kind of multiplayer experience that combines a little bit of Minecraft, a little bit of Left 4 Dead, a little bit of Fortnite, and a little bit of Warhammer.

While mining for precious ores and fossilized alien eggs, eventually your four- dwarf team is going to end up shooting down creepy crawly creatures, and ammo will run out quickly.

The number one question asked by every new player seems to be: How do I get more ammo in Deep Rock Galactic? Don't worry, you aren't alone -- it took us forever to figure it out as well. There's a way to resupply the whole team at once, though, so long as you keep an eye out for the right kind of ore.

Calling In Deep Rock Galactic Ammo Resupply Drops 

When you run low on ammo and come across a certain type of ore in a cave, a voiceover segment will tell you to mine Nitra to resupply ammo. The problem is that just mining it doesn't do anything like the game implies.

If you haven't seen it before, Nitra is the red ore on the walls. It looks similar to the red candy health crystals but is found on wall veins instead of in stalagmite formations.

You can confirm the type of ore by bringing out your laser pointer by hitting CTRL, and then easily mine it with your pickaxe by using right click. If you can't reach a Nitra vein, have the engineer create a platform, or dig your own tunnel upwards.

You need to slot 80 Nitra in the MULE before calling an ammo drop, which means most of your team will need to be mining, as one character can't carry that much all at once.

If the MULE isn't around, just point towards the ground and hit C to call it in. It can cross any terrain, so it only takes a few seconds to show up.

The MULE into which you'll place your mined ore so that you can call in a supply drop Slotting mined ore into the MULE

After 80 Nitra has been deposited, any member of the team can call in a supply drop by pointing at the ground and hitting the 5 key.

Unlike with the MULE, the ammo resupply drop can't land anywhere and needs an open, flat surface. If your pointer says "too steep," usually the supply drop can't land there.

Now that you know the secret, longer missions should be much less frustrating as more waves of alien insects threaten to overrun your mining team! Have any other tips for working together as a team in Deep Rock Galactic? Let us know your best strategy below, and stay tuned for more guides to arrive soon!

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Published Mar. 2nd 2018

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