Destiny 2: Best Phyllotactic Spiral God Rolls

The Phyllotactic Spiral is one of the better Legendary Pulse Rifles. Here are the god rolls you want.

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Lightfall was rightly panned for its story missteps, bugs, and a lackluster new destination. But the weapons you can get from Neomuna are some of the best in Destiny 2. The Phyllotactic Spiral is one such weapon. It’s an Arc High-Impact Frame Pulse Rifle that’s an absolute monster in PvP. With the right perks and application of skill, you can kill any Guardian with just two bursts. In this guide, I’ll cover the best Phyllotactic Spiral god rolls you want for both PvP and PvE, so you always have a weapon that’s ready.

Best God Rolls for Phyllotactic Spiral in Destiny 2

The best Phyllotactic Spiral god rolls take full advantage of the Pulse Rifle’s capabilities. It’s a solid choice regardless of where you want to use it, but weapons in this category have long been in a weird spot against the likes of the Fallen and Hive.

However, against other players, they’ve been strong for the same amount of time. With the god rolls I’m presenting here, expect to be deadly no matter where you are. And as a crafted weapon, there’s almost no randomness involved beyond getting the five red border versions you need.

Best Phyllotactic Spiral PvP God Roll in Destiny 2

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake.
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds.
  • Trait 1: Keep Away.
  • Trait 2: Headseeker.

The goal in PvP is always to hit your enemy’s head, and that’s what this Phyllotactic god roll does best in the mode. When you combine Headseeker and Keep Away activating simultaneously with primarily headshots for damage, you can two-burst any Guardian with any level of Resilience.

You’ll need to hit a couple of body shots to get Headseeker to activate, and ideally, you’ve focused on keeping your enemy at much more than arm’s length, but when ramped up, this gun can compete with the other best options in the game. Arrowhead Brake and Ricochet Rounds go a long way toward making the Phyllotactic Spiral even more controllable at any distance.

Best Phyllotactic Spiral PvE God Roll in Destiny 2

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • Trait 1: Keep Away
  • Trait 2: Voltshot or Kill Clip

The Phyllotactic Spiral PvE god roll doesn’t look much different from the PvP one because the perks you want to keep the gun’s kick in check and make it lethal at its intended ranges are the same. The main consideration is damage and subclass synergy. Voltshot gives you some Arc 3.0 ability and effect activations, but if you’re just after some day-to-day usage, it’s hard to go wrong with the damage bonus of Kill Clip.

And those are our choices for the best Phyllotactic Spiral god rolls in Destiny 2 PvP and PvE. They’re a little different from the more standard fare, but with how Pulse Rifles tend to handle, the perks I’ve shown here should work wonders for ensuring the weapon works at its best. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guides on how to get the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle, the Matador 64 god rolls, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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