Destiny 2: How to Get Crowning Duologue Strand Rocket Launcher

The Crowning Duologue is new to Destiny 2 in Solstice of Heroes 2023. Here's how to get it and the rolls you'll want.

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Every time Solstice of Heroes comes around, there’s a new weapon tied to the event. None have provided any meta shakeups, and worse, they’re never actually very good. While the newest follows this trend, offering relatively little top-level viability with some downright head-scratching perk selections, you may be wondering how to get the Crowning Duologue Strand Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 if you’re a collector of Destiny curiosities. And having its god roll is just icing on the cake.

How to Get the Crowning Duologue Strand Rocket Launcher

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Here’s how to get the Crowning Duologue Strand Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2:

  • Farm Silver Leaves.
  • Stoke the bonfire in Bonfire Bash.
  • Cross your fingers that the Legendary Engrams you get are Crowning Duologue.
  • Grind this process until you get it.

Earning the Crowning Duologue follows the same process as the Compass Rose from last year. You’ll need to farm up Silver Leaves, then take them into the Bonfire Bash and stoke the bonfire. The higher you stoke it (to a maximum of 20 stacks), the more rewards you earn. When at full size, you can earn two or three Legendary Engrams, which can contain any piece of the new Sunlit armor set and any weapon from previous Solstice events, including the Crowning Duologue.

And before you ask, no: there’s no other way to earn Destiny 2‘s latest Rocket Launcher otherwise. If you want it, you must engage with the Solstice activity, and if you want its god roll, you’ll either need a lot of luck or spend a lot of time farming somewhere we’ve been four years running.

Crowning Duologue Rocket Launcher God Rolls

PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Impact Casing
  • Trait 1: Auto-Loading Holster
  • Trait 2: Cluster Bomb

PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Quick Launch
  • Magazine: Black Powder
  • Trait 1: Impulse Amplifier
  • Trait 2: Cluster Bomb

Speaking of the perfect god roll for the Crowning Duologue, while nothing here will turn it into the next Hothead, there are some fun options you can use if you want to have a Strand weapon in your Power weapon slot. In PvE, Cluster Bomb has long been a solid backup option in the absence of more recent top choices like Explosive Light or even Vorpal Weapon. Auto-Loading Holster remains in the upper echelon of PvE perks as well.

Rockets are also strong choices in PvP, offering relatively easy shutdown or a high pick probability in competitive play. The Crowning Duologue doesn’t have the blast radius to keep up with other, stronger options, and it can never just be Gjallarhorn. Still, with Black Powder, Impulse Amplifier, and Cluster Bomb, it can at least be serviceable.

And that’s how to get the Crowning Duologue Strand Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2, as well as the perfect god rolls to look out for. There’s not much more to the weapon than that, whether in getting it or hunting for the right perk pool. If you’re looking for a good Vault filler or something different that isn’t about the meta, I’d suggest giving it a whirl. For more on the game’s many good (or at least interesting) guns, check out our god roll guides on the Austringer, the Autumn Wind, and Iterative Loop, among others, in our D2 guides hub.

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