Destiny 2: How to Get the Breakneck Auto Rifle and Best God Rolls

The Breakneck is back in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish after years away. Here are the god rolls you should go for.

The Breakneck Auto Rifle profile.
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The Breakneck is one of the older top-tier Auto Rifles in Destiny 2, returning in Season of the Wish from all the way back in Season of the Forge (Season 5). Its new, reprised variant has some killer perks. Here’s how to get a Breakneck and the best god rolls to add one more powerhouse to your collection.

How to Get the Breakneck Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

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Unlike the last time we had to grind our faces off for the Breakneck, getting one in Season of the Wish is simple. There are two ways:

  • Focused Decoding at The Drifter: The most consistent way to get the Breakneck is to focus your Gambit Engrams at The Drifter. It only costs one engram per Breakneck, and you get plenty of them by simply playing Gambit matches. You do, of course, need to actually play Gambit, which is not a fate I wish on anyone. But if you enjoy it, go all in. I should also mention that you don’t need to win your matches to get Gambit Engrams. Just complete them. Don’t take that as an invitation to sandbag or AFK, but getting stomped won’t hurt your chances.
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  • As a random reward from Gambit matches: You can also get a Breakneck — or several — as a random reward at the end of Gambit matches. There’s no way to guarantee you get the weapon and not a piece of armor or some other, older gun, but it’s one way to do it.

The Breakneck PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • Trait 1: Subsistence
  • Trait 2: Onslaught

This god roll Breakneck is a monster in PvE and specializes in clearing masses of trash mobs from the field. Its barrel and magazine selection make it more controllable, with Subsistence ensuring a steady supply of ammo. Onslaught ramps up the Breakneck’s rate of fire, arguably its greatest weakness, taking its already solid damage into another dimension.

The Breakneck PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • Trait 1: Eye of the Storm
  • Trait 2: Moving Target or Onslaught

The goal of this Breakneck PvP god roll is to make the weapon as much of a laser as possible. Between its barrel and magazine, we’ve already tamed its kick a bit, but with Eye of the Storm and Moving Target rolling, it’s even easier to control. If you instead go for Onslaught in the second trait column, you’re building the Breakneck for fighting against multiple opponents: fights you have a much better chance of winning with the perk active.

Those are my picks for the Breakneck god rolls for PvE and PvP in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish. Thankfully, farming the weapon is easy, relatively quick, and inexpensive. For more god roll content, see our guides on the Apex Predator, the Matador 64, and others in our D2 guides hub.

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