Destiny 2: How to Get the Swarmers Exotic

Here's how to get The Swarmers in Destiny 2, an excellent piece of Exotic armor for Strand Warlocks.

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Once you learn how to get the Swarmers Exotic in Destiny 2, you’ll be able to transform your Warlock into a master summoner, improving their ability to create Threadlings and empower other Guardians in any activity. Better yet, this leg armor for the Strand subclass isn’t too difficult to acquire. There’s no special mission or other long-winded activity to complete. All you need is some investment in the game, a bit of skill, and possibly a touch of patience.

How to Get the Swarmers Exotic in Destiny 2

These are the three best ways to get the Swarmers Exotic in Destiny 2:

  • The very best way is through solo Legend or Master-level Lost Sectors.
    • It’s the most consistent method, though it takes the most upfront gear investment, game knowledge, and skill.
  • The other two methods are through Engram drops and Nightfalls.
    • Both are much less reliable but still workable.

The Best Way to Get Swarmers in Destiny 2: Lost Sectors

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The best way to get Swarmers in Destiny 2 is by doing Legend or Master-level Lost Sectors. Every day, one Lost Sector in the system is marked as the Exotic farming location on both the main and planet Director screens.

When completed solo — and only solo — these higher-difficulty activities have an increased chance of dropping an Exotic armor piece on completion, and increasingly so if you don’t have that Exotic in your inventory. The armor slot changes daily as well, so if it’s not Legs the day you want to farm, you’ll need to wait for them to be back in the rotation.

There’s also a specific Lost Sector rotation every season, meaning the activity space won’t always follow a predictable pattern — giving you more chances to get Swarmers. The exception is the Moon, whose Lost Sectors are always part of the rotation (and are the ones I find the most annoying to complete). Almost anything on the EDZ or Cosmodrome is great for farming Swarmers, though, so if you can find one of those, I suggest farming it as much as you can tolerate.

How to Get Swarmers Through Engrams and Nightfalls

While it’s neither consistent nor time-efficient, you can always decrypt any Exotic Engram that drops in the world at Master Rahool, and hope you get the Swarmers. The same is true for Nightfall Exotic rewards. What you get from those activities is completely random, but there’s no other source of Exotics by sheer volume in D2. Completing Master — and especially Grandmaster — Nightfall activities is probably the best Exotic farm in Destiny 2, provided you have a team that can run them in a reasonable time.

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Don’t expect a Swarmers drop from either source often (if at all) depending on how much time you spend farming, but you’ll come out of the experience with more high-rarity crafting materials than you’ll likely know what to do with.

That’s how to get the Swarmers Exotic in Destiny 2. Sadly, there’s no truly definitive way to get most Exotics in the game, including this set of Warlock Leg Armor. However, Lost Sectors have been our best bet for literal years. Weapons are usually locked behind specific missions, and we’ve covered some, including how to get the Wicked Implement, Gjallarhorn, and Winterbite, among others. Our D2 guides hub has more.

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