Destiny 2: How to Use Checkpoint Bot

Checkpoint Bot is one of the best community tools for farming endgame content. Here's how it works.

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When you need that last piece of Raid or Dungeon gear, one of the greatest Destiny 2 challenges is reaching the final boss without doing the whole thing. For a long time, players have had one of their teammates leave a Raid or Dungeon and come back on another character to save the checkpoint. Unless you have a better way to do it, it’s effective but inefficient. That’s why knowing how to use Checkpoint Bot, a set of alt accounts explicitly designed to hold checkpoints for any fireteam to grab and use at their leisure, is so important.

How to Use Checkpoint Bot in Destiny 2

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Here are the exact steps to using Checkpoint Bot in Destiny 2:

  • Go to
  • Find the activity you want a checkpoint for.
  • Copy the CheckpointBot name (numbers included).
  • Paste the name after “/join” in your text chat box within Destiny 2.
  • Load into the activity.
  • Have everyone in your fireteam die (push the bot off a ledge if it’s not already dead).
  • Leave as soon as you confirm you have the checkpoint so others can get in.

Important Tips on How to Use Checkpoint Bot

Now you’ve got the checkpoint and can do as many instances of the encounter as you please. However, I have three important tips to share on how to use Checkpoint Bot:

  • First, if you have a checkpoint for later in the activity (Riven when you want Shuro-Chi, for instance), you need to reset your Raid from the Director, then load into the bot’s instance.
  • Second, it takes a little while for the bot to reset after Tuesday’s weekly reset, as the bot creator has to actually get the bot to the encounter.
  • Third, Checkpoint Bot only has save states for some of the Raids and Dungeons, specifically:
    • Shuro-Chi in Last Wish
    • Sanctified Mind in Garden of Salvation
    • Taniks in Deep Stone Crypt
    • Oryx (normal difficulty)
    • Persys in Spire of the Watcher Dungeon (normal and Master difficulty)
    • Nezarec in the Root of Nightmares Raid (normal and Master difficulty)
    • Simmumah ur-Nokru in the Ghost of the Deep Dungeon (normal and Master difficulty)

In the beta version of D2Checkpoint, the team is working on adding community checkpoints, but managing such a system is incredibly complex to keep things civil and useful, so the feature is “coming soon.” You can also join the D2Checkpoint Discord server for additional access to fireteams, checkpoints, and updates from the team.

Checkpoint Bot is as simple as it is useful, though only insofar as you have a Raid team to take on the checkpointed encounter. By late in a season or expansion year, most players (that I know, at least) would rather simply beat the final boss in 20 minutes for a chance at the Exotic or a specific loot drop, then go play other things. Checkpoint Bot is a fantastic resource for that.

That’s how to use Checkpoint Bot in Destiny 2. For more help with the game’s vast amount of content, check out our guides on how to farm Exotics, how to get the Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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