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Diablo 4: All Fractured Peak Cellar Locations

Cellars are micro-dungeons that make for quick and easily looting in Diablo 4. These are all the Cellar locations in Fractured Peaks.

Don’t neglect the Diablo 4 Fractured Peak cellar locations. While Side and Capstone Dungeons are a huge part of progression, these one-room micro-dungeons take 30 seconds at most to clear, and come with at least one treasure chest and an Elite enemy. They even have a slight chance of spawning an event for a higher-quality reward chest. Our guide will tell you where to find all of the Cellars in Fractured Peaks.

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How to Find All Cellars in the Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4

There are 20 Cellars in the Fractured Peaks, though they aren’t evenly spread across each area. We’ll be listing them by map section and alphabetically within those lists.

All Cellar Locations in the Desolate Highlands

There are three Cellars in the Desolate Highlands.

Frozen Tunnel Location

The Frozen Tunnel Cellar is just southeast of Kyovashad, at the bottom of a U-bend. I used the large field as a marker. The U-Bend is north of the field.

Haunted Burrow Location

The Haunted Burrow Cellar isn’t far from where you initially enter the Diablo 4 map. It’s just west of the Lost Archives Side Dungeon and just north of the starting spawn point. This is one of the easier ones to reach.

Infested Cottage Location

The Infested Cottage Cellar is south of the large field in the Desolate Highlands. I suggest using the Defiled Catacombs Side Dungeon as a reference point. You can go straight north and find it near the top of the playable area.

All Cellar Locations in the Dobrev Taiga

There are three Cellars in the Dobrev Taiga.

Disturbed Grave Location

The Distrubed Grave Cellar is near the center of the Dobrev Taiga. To make things easier, I suggest looking for a cone-shaped portion of the map just above the southernmost path. The Cellar is at the bottom of the cone.

Flooded Mine Location

The Flooded Mine Cellar is in the southeastern portion of the Dobrev Taiga. If you use the bottom rightmost area as a reference, take the path north and make an immediate left. You’ll find the Cellar at the bottom of the east-west path.

Hermit’s Abode Location

The Hermit’s Abode Cellar is far southwest of the Dobrev Taiga from the town of Margrave. For this one, I traveled southwest until I saw a small, dead-end path near the area’s edge. You’ll find the Cellar there.

All Cellar Locations in the Frigid Expanse

There are three Cellars in the Frigid Expanse.

Bloodstained Cellar Location

The Bloodstained Cellar… Cellar … is in the eastern portion of the Frigid Expanse. If you use The Darkened Way story Dungeon as a reference, the Cellar is directly northwest at the top of the small field.

Geyser Sinkhole Location

The Geyser Sinkhole Cellar is in the northwestern portion of the Frigid Expanse, at the left-most section of the large field there. You’ll find the Cellar directly east of the Forsaken Quarry Side Dungeon, tucked in the corner of the large field.

Gruesome Storage Location

The Gruesome Storage Cellar is in the far southeast of the Frigid Expanse. You’ll see a roughly circular section of nonplayable areas on the map. The Cellar is on the bottom edge of that circle.

All Cellar Locations in Gale Valley

There are three Cellars in Gale Valley.

Howling Den Location

The Howling Den Cellar is in the southwesternmost section of Gale Valley. Head to the bottom of the map, and you’ll see it south of the town of Yelesna.

Infested Mill Location

The Infested Mill Cellar is in the far northwest of Gale Valley, at the end of a dead-end path and across a bridge. It’s almost directly to the west of The Darkened Way story Dungeon.

Tsepilova Larder Location

The Tespilova Larder Cellar is in the southeastern snowfields of Gale Valley, on the field’s western edge. I found it’s also almost directly west of the Dead Man’s Dredge Side Dungeon, so I suggest using that as a reference point.

All Cellar Locations in the Pallid Glade

There are three Cellars in the Pallid Glade.

Blacklung Mine Location

The Blacklung Mine Cellar is near the center of the Pallid Glade, directly east of the Derelict Lodge Side Dungeon, tucked away in a small dead-end path leading north.

Frostbite Delve Location

The Frostbite Delve Cellar is in the easternmost section of the Pallid Glade, at the far southwest of the field. It’s almost directly east of the Cultist Refuge Side Dungeon, an easy reference point.

Secluded Cabin Location

The Secluded Cabin Cellar is in the northern portion of the Pallid Glade. If you travel directly north from Nostrava, I’d use the Derelict Lodge as a reference point to see the Cellar just to the right of the Side Dungeon.

All Cellar Locations in the Seat of the Heavens

There are three Cellars in the Seat of the Heavens.

Collapsed Cavern Location

The Collapsed Cavern Cellar is the far east of the large snowfield of the Seat of the Heavens and is almost directly west of the Sanguine Chapel Side Dungeon.

Saint’s Hideout Location

The Saint’s Hideout Cellar is in the central area of the Seat of the Heavens, almost directly south of Kol Valar and east of the Bear Tribe Refuge.

Saint’s Rest Location

The Saint’s Rest Cellar is in the northwest portion of the snowfield in the Seat of the Heavens, nestled among some small rocky outcroppings. It’s also northeast of the Rimescar Cavern Side Dungeon, past the larger rocks.

All Cellar Locations in Sarkova Pass

There are two Cellars in Sarkova Pass.

Frosty Mine Cellar Location

The Frosty Mine Cellar is in the northwest portion of Sarkova Pass. I found traveling the path straight northwest from Menestad is the easiest. You should see it off to the left side of the road on a small dead-end path.

Gambler’s Hideout Location

The Gambler’s Hideout Cellar is east of Sarkova Pass, at the northern tip of the snowfields. It’s almost directly east of the Kor Dragan Stronghold and southeast of the Kor Dragan Barracks Side Dungeon.

Those are all the Cellars you can find in the Fractured Peaks zone of Diablo 4. While they might not offer as much overall value as a Side Dungeons or Story Dungeon, the speed at which you can do them and their ease of access make them good for a quick bit of farming if you’re short on time. If you’re looking for more content on Blizzard’s long-running franchise, check out our guides on where to find the Halls of the Damned, how to complete the Belfrey Zakara Dungeon, and more in our D4 guides hub.

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