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Diablo 4: Druid Build Guide

Use nature to deal damage with this Druid builds guide for Diablo 4.

Druids have returned to the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. With the ability to shapeshift into Werewolves or Werebears, strike with lightning and use the earth as a weapon, this class brings nature to the forefront of the battle against Lilith. While being a Werewolf all the time sounds amazing, a full Werewolf build isn’t the most viable in the endgame. Here are the most viable Diablo 4 Druid builds, however, whether your level 5, 25, or 95.

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Best Druid Builds in Diablo 4

These are the best builds that you can start using as soon as you get into game as a Druid. While Storm Wolf Druid is the best endgame build, it’s reliance on Unique Items, including a highly sought after item, which are only available in World Tier 3 and 4, have excluded it from this guide.

The two builds that are covered are:

  • Wolf Companion Druid
  • Earthen Bear Druid

Diablo 4 Wolf Companion Druid Build

This build focuses on using all three companions to deal damage. With buffed up health and defense, you can sit back and wait out the fight until all your enemies are dead. The best way to play the build is to set up Poison Creeper early and follow up with Wolves, while using your Basic Attack to increase the chance of vulnerability of the mobs you hit. Use Earthen Bulwark for defense while your companions finish up the fight.

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Wolf Companion Druid Skills

  • Basic: Storm Strike, Enhanced Storm Strike, Fierce Storm Strike
  • Core: Predatory Instinct
  • Defensive: Earthen Bulwark, Enhanced Earthen Bulwark, Preserving Earthen Bulwark, Blood Howl, Enhanced Blood Howl, Preserving Blood Howl, Ancestral Fortitude, Vigilance
  • Companion: Poison Creeper, Enhanced Poison Creeper, Brutal Poison Creeper, Wolves, Enhanced Wolf Pack, Brutal Wolf Pack, Ravens, Enhanced Ravens, Brutal Ravens, Call of the Wild
  • Wrath: Neurotoxin, Envenom
  • Ultimate: Defensive Posture
  • Key Passive: Bestial Rampage

Wolf Companion Druid Legendary Aspects

The aspects necessary for this build focus on increasing the buffs to your Companions, specifically your Wolves. They also boost the efficacy of Blood Howl.

  • Nighthowler’s Aspect
  • Aspect of the Stampede
  • Aspect of the Alpha
  • Aspect of the Wildrage
  • Skinwalker’s Aspect
  • Rapid Aspect
  • Exploiter’s Aspect

Wolf Companion Druid Spirit Boons

A unique aspect of being a Druid are their Spirit Boons. These are bonuses offered by animal spirits once you complete the class quest Spirits of the Lost Grove. These are the Spirit Boons to select for this build.

  • Packleader from Wolf
  • Scythe Talons from Eagle
  • Wariness from Stag
  • Overload from Snake
  • Swooping Attacks from Eagle (as your Spirit Bonding bonus)
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Diablo 4 Earthen Bear Druid Build

If you just want to trample over your enemies as a Werebear, this is the build for you. Focusing on Landslide, which is currently the highest damage Core Skill for the Druid in D4, you’ll run through enemies then bury them under the earth. This build requires more Aspects to function, so it focuses more on endgame versus early power.

Earthen Bear Druid Skills

  • Basic: Earth Spike, Enhanced Earth Spike, Wild Earth Spike
  • Core: Landslide, Enhanced Landslide, Primal Landslide, Heart of the Wild, Wild Impulses, Abundance
  • Defensive: Earthen Bulwark, Enhanced Earthen Bulwark, Preserving Earthen Bulwark
  • Companion: Poison Creeper, Enhanced Poison Creeper, Brutal Poison Creeper
  • Wrath: Hurricane, Enhanced Hurricane, Natural Hurricane, Trample, Enhanced Trample, Savage Trample, Crushing Earth, Safeguard, Stone Guard
  • Ultimate: Defiance
  • Key Passive: Earthen Might

Earthen Bear Druid Legendary Aspects

These Aspects boost your Earth abilities as well as your Trample, causing it to summon more Landslides. Aspect of the Trampled Earth is the best for this build, as it’s perfect for the combo you’ll be frequently using.

  • Aspect of the Aftershock
  • Aspect of Retaliation
  • Seismic-shift Aspect
  • Stormshifter’s Aspect
  • Aspect of Mending Stone
  • Ballistic Aspect
  • Aspect of the Trampled Earth

Earthen Bear Druid Spirit Boons

  • Energize from Wolf
  • Scythe Talons from Eagle
  • Gift of the Stag from Deer
  • Obsidian Slam from Snake
  • Avian Wrath from Eagle (as your Spirit Bonding bonus)

Those are the two best builds for Druid in Diablo 4 when you exclude the Storm Wolf Druid build. Wolf Companion Druid focuses on Companions dishing out the damage while Earthen Bear Druid channels the ground beneath them to defeat foes. For more class builds, walkthroughs, and item locations, check out our Diablo 4 guide library.

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