Diablo 4 Faded Plaques Guide: Statues, Emotes, and Rewards

Statues with Faded Plaques are littered throughout the land of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. But what do they actually do?

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Diablo 4 Faded Plaques are on old statues found around the wilderness of Sanctuary, and you’ve likely come across a few while fighting Hell-spawn. With cryptic, half-missing writing, it stands there against the elements, demons, and corrupted animals alike. With a glowing circle in front of it, you know it must do something, but what? Here’s how to use Faded Plaques and what they do in Diablo 4.

Faded Plaque Statues in Diablo 4 Explained

Faded Plaque Statues can be found in any of the regions in Sanctuary. They have glowing, wisp-like circles in front of them, marking them as unique. Their locations are randomized. At first, I was confused about what these statues did, and I just stood in the circle, waiting for something to happen. However, after solving the Secret of the Spring Riddle, I realized that emoting in front of the statue may work in this case. And viola! Instant rewards.

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To receive Faded Plaque rewards, stand in front of the statue and emote in a way that matches the capitalized text on the Faded Plaque. There are a handful of different inscriptions on the Plaques that require specific emotes. And, of course, each has its own rewards. All of the emotes needed to answer the plaque are the ones you start the game with.

All Faded Plaque Emotes, Responses, and Rewards

  • …BID FAREWELL…all…you love…: Use the Bye emote
    • Reward: Speed increase
  • …EMBOLDEN…soul…unrelenting evil…: Use the Applause emote
    • Reward: Spirit follower (similar to the Druids’ companions)
  • …dare…PROVOKE…ire…fate…: Use the Taunt emote
    • Reward: Many health potions
  • …ATONE…thy darkest…sins…: Use the Sorry emote
    • Reward: Become Unstoppable
  • …GREET…death…open arms…: Use the Hello emote
    • Reward: Become Invisible
  • …GIVE AID…meek…powerless…: Use the Help emote
    • Reward: Gain a Barrier
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Those are all the prompts and the rewards I’ve found so far for Diablo 4 Faded Plaques. They all have something helpful to give and are worth stopping at, even if you need to kill a few enemies first. I personally like the spirit animal and speed increase, since the latter can help against bosses like The Butcher.

But that’s that for Diablo 4 Fadded Plaques. For all your other needs, check out our D4 guides hub. You’ll find builds, how to clear Strongholds, class quest walkthroughs, and more.

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