There are six story origin characters in Divinity: Original Sin 2. This guide will give you the rundown on where they're located and how to complete their companion quests.

Divinity Original Sin 2: Companion Quests and Locations

There are six story origin characters in Divinity: Original Sin 2. This guide will give you the rundown on where they're located and how to complete their companion quests.

While you can build an entirely custom character in Divinity: Original Sin 2, there are six origin characters provided who have deep backstories tied into the game world.

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These characters feature unique dialogue tags, as well as their own individualized quest lines. In this Original Sin 2  guide, we’ll go over all six companion starting locations and break down down how to complete their origin quests. Before you jump into the quests, however, there are some basics you need to know about character creation and playing through diverging quest lines.

Intersecting Quests and Skills

Many of these quests intersect becausethey revolve around finding some of the same NPCs — and doing some of these quests will close off the others. You can also only have four characters in the party at a time, so you will likely only see a handful of these companion quests on a single playthrough.

Since you have total control over the build of every character, from your starting main adventurer to all the other origin companions, there’s no reason not to take one of the origin characters. If you don’t like the character’s preset skills, abilities, etc. then just change them to match your preferred build.

When you meet a companion on the Fort Joy island (after the ship wreck), you can also choose their basic class direction, and you have full control over how a character levels up. Don’t like Fane being focused on Geomancer and Pyrokinetic powers? No worries, give him points in Necromancer or Polymorphing instead when he levels.

In some cases, a companion’s quest will supersede your main character’s own quest when talking to a specific NPC, and they will ask to speak to that person in private. In general, it’s best to allow them to do this to move their quest forward, and then talk to that NPC separately afterwards if they are involved in your personal story quest.

Fane Companion Quest

This immortal, undead being is inside the hidden alcove (the game will prompt you to look through the vines to reach the alcove as you explore the beach on the way to Fort Joy). If you keep his base build, Fane is your elemental mage with Geomancer and Pyrokinetic abilities.

He doesn’t know why all the rest of his immortal species is gone and is trying to discover what happened while he was trapped in a tomb. Make sure to keep his hood on during the beginning portion of the game, or everyone will become aggressive and attack the undead monstrosity.

Inside the Fort Joy ghetto, let him speak privately to the blacksmith Nebora to begin the first part of his quest. She will not-so-politely refuse to create an object for ripping off faces.

Later, when you actually make your way into the interior of fort itself while trying to escape the island, kill Kniles and give the Face Ripper to Fane. Finally, when you escape Fort Joy, head north along the beach until you discover the insane Sourceror woman and kill her to acquire Fane’s mask.

 Companion Fane

Ifan Ben-Mezd Companion Quest

Your Huntsman / Geomancer archer Ifan is found shortly after entering the main gate to the Fort Joy ghetto after you see the magister killed by her companions. He’s standing by a woman who is being hassled by thugs.

Ifan used to belong to some sort of mercenary group that apparently isn’t happy he left, and now people are still trying to hire him to do things he doesn’t want to do. To kick off his quest line, read the note in his inventory and then talk to him directly. Next, let him talk directly to Magister Borris, then read the new note and talk to Ifan again.

After you leave Fort Joy and reach the Hollow Marches, talk to Zaleskar to get a special crossbow for Ifan. After rescuing Garreth in the main story quest, have Ifan talk to him to discuss the Lone Wolves, then talk directly to Ifan.

Later in the story after defeating Alexandar, a boy will approach the party discussing Ifan’s contract. Head to the second floor of the Driftwood Tavern and talk to Baran about the contract, then talk to Roost at the sawmill, which will initiate a battle. Loot the contract from Roost’s body to finish the quest.

 Companion Ifan

Lohse Companion Quest

This companion is found inside the Fort Joy ghetto, hanging out near the cots in front of the divine shrine in the center of the area (just to the left of where you meet Gawin and to the right of the blacksmith).

To kick off Lohse’s quest line, go into the taverns and talk to Saheila. Lohse will ask to speak to her privately, which starts a fight. There aren’t many good options here, as you will either end up killing Saheila (turning everyone in the cavern hostile and shutting off their quest lines) or fighting Lohse and knocking her out, which lowers her affinity with you but keeps the quest going anyway.

Later, in the holding cell dungeons beneath Fort Joy, talk to the dwarf named Zillik, who will tell you to head towards Driftwood. When you reach that area, talk to the demon hunter named Jahan in Cloisterwood to complete the quest.

  Companion Lohse

Sebille Companion Quest

Your sneaky assassin can be found near Fort Joy’s south gate by Stingtail’s camp. Recruiting her is more difficult if you picked a lizard starting character or if you already have The Red Prince in your party, requiring a successful Persuade roll.

Sebille frequently gets into fights with lizard NPCs and can end up having to kill them if you aren’t careful during dialogue. She has the Corpse Eater ability though, and can easily gain new skills just by eating body parts of NPCs.

For Sebille’s quest, first start the Imprisoned Elf quest by talking to Saheila in the caverns, then talk to Stingtail on the beach near Fort Joy. If you aren’t playing as Sebille, she will kill Stingtail when she asks to speak to him privately, which can cause a problem since he’s the Pyrokinetic skill book vendor.

Next, go talk to Griff, who will reveal you need to meet with Zaleskar in the Hollow Marshes (after escaping Fort Joy). After speaking to him, talk to Baran on the second floor of the Driftwood Tavern, then go initiate the battle with Roost in the sawmill, just like with Ifan’s quest. After the battle, talk to Saheila to finish the quest.

 Companion Sebille

The Red Prince Companion Quest

This sword-and-shield fighter focused on the Warfare skill is located just slightly south of your starting position on the beach, found on the way while traveling to the Fort Joy ghetto. He used to have his own empire, so he’s kinda haughty and superior in any given conversation, and you just have to let that slide. 

The people who successfully led the coup to oust him as prince also send assassins to finish the job, so get ready for random unexpected combat when he’s in the group. On the plus side, he can dig without a shovel, making him a useful addition to the party.

For The Red Prince’s quest, first start the Imprisoned Elf quest by talking to Saheila in the caverns, then chat with Griff. Next, head to Stingtail and talk to him — but make sure you don’t have Sebille in your party, or she will try to kill him.

After escaping Fort Joy, let The Red Prince speak with the lizard named Bahara in Amadia’s Sanctuary. Afterwords, head to the Stonegarden of Reaper’s Coast and use the Spirit Vision ability to talk to the ghost there. Finally, head to the Red Princess’s camp so The Red Prince can find his mate.

 Companion Red Prince

Beast Companion Quest

This dwarf battlemage who led a failed rebellion against his queen is found on the beach on the western side of the island (south of the crocodile area) trying to pry a board out of a crashed ship.

Beast’s quest lines are usually moved forward by talking to other dwarves, such as the NPC in the Arena Of The One found by going through the cellar near Griff, or the dwarf named Zillik in the holding cells. We haven’t fully completed his quest line yet, however, so if you have any tips on specifics let us know in the comments and we’ll get this entry updated!

 Companion Beast

Did you find any other ways to complete these quests or find any extra quest-related dialogue we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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