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Does It Takes Two Have Cross-Platform Play? Answered

Wondering if you can play It Takes Two with your friend on a different platform? We've got the answer here.

Cody and May’s wild co-op adventure is hilarious and heartfelt all at once. But if you haven’t jumped into this action-adventure game yet, you might be wondering if you can play with a friend on another console or PC. Our guide will answer the question: is It Takes Two cross-platform? 

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Can You Play It Takes Two Cross Platform?

Let’s get right into it. The answer is a resounding “kind of,” in this case. It Takes Two doesn’t actually support cross-platform play. However, the game offers cross-generation play in its place.

So, you can’t mix and match platforms. Nintendo Switch players can’t invite PC players, for example. Nor can Xbox players solve Cody and May’s marital problems with PlayStation friends. However, cross-gen does mean I could play on my Xbox One and invite my friend on their Xbox Series X|S. That said, this game is honestly perfect for a couch co-op game night. I’ve found it runs much smoother on one console than when I’ve tried online play. But if that’s not an option, cross-gen is your best bet.

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All It Takes Two Cross-Gen Combinations

As a result, It Takes Two only offers the following types of cross-generation play:

  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S
  • PS4 and PS5

How to Play It Takes Two with a Friend

It Takes Two makes it easy to play with a friend, and with the Friend’s Pass, they don’t have to own the game. All they have to do is go to the platform’s store to download it for free. Here’s a quick breakdown of where it’s available:

From there, you’ll be able to invite them from the main menu of the game. Additionally, you can both try It Takes Two‘s first chapter if neither of you own it, yet. To do so, you’ll both download Friend’s Pass. Once one of you invites the other, you can play through the limited version of the game.

That answers the question: is It Takes Two cross-platform? If you’re wondering if other popular games are cross-platform, such as Stardew Valley or Minecraft, we’ve got you covered right here at GameSkinny. 

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