Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: Finding the Ethereal Stone to Upgrade the Weapon Shop

How to find the Ethereal Stone needed for upgrading the Weapons Shop in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

How to find the Ethereal Stone needed for upgrading the Weapons Shop in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

So you’ve returned to Accordia in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 to make peace with the Queen of Ingenia, and you find the traveling dwarf weaponsmith in town. Normally he would be teaching the Weapon Shop everything he gathered from his travels by now, but he appears to be missing the materials he needs.

He asks you to drop off the materials if you find them in your travels and submits 009 Hammer and Tongs 1 to the quest counter. When you go to pick up the quest, you’ll find that you have everything you need except for one Ethereal Stone.

Luckily, Ethereal Stones are exceptionally common in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, but you must first progress the story a bit further before you can find one. Sorry to those of you who like to complete all of your quests before continuing the main adventure, but this is just how the cookie crumbles.

How to Find the Ethereal Stone in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Head into the throne room and sit through the cutscene where the Queen of Ingenia lays down her testimony of events to the High King of Accordia. One of Desdemona’s knights interrupts the proceedings to bring urgent news of trouble brewing in the beastlands.

Upon hearing the report, the High King implores you and your team to make for Al-Khazam by cutting through No Man’s Land. With that, the cutscene ends and Desdemona points out the newly opened Wild Zone gate by the Accolades and Mini Medals shop.

Once you’re ready, dip through the gate to find yourself in No Man’s Land. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a bunch of giant, red, luminescent crystals jutting out of the landscape all around you. If you recall the image of the Ethereal Stone from your quest log, you’ll notice that these crystals look very similar, letting you know that you’re in the right place.

I found my Ethereal Stone by picking up stray items in the red crystal area of No Man’s Land. However, they can also be dropped from Sorcerers, Shadows, and Blood Mummies.

Once you find an Ethereal Stone, turn it in at the quest counter. By the time the Quest Complete jingle finishes, Accordia’s resident weaponsmith will have already learned how to craft you the next tier of equipment. Here’s hoping you have the gold to afford it!

What do you think of quests that won’t let you complete them until you get further in the story? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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