Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: Main Character Classes and How to Change Them

Everything you need to know about the five main character classes in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and how to change them.

The main characters of Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Lazarel and Teresa, are able to freely swap between five different classes, though you wouldn't know it from the basic character creation. They're both stuck fighting as a Warrior until you unlock the ability to change vocation after your first major battle.

How to Change Your Class in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Once you defeat Cesar, the Prince of Donisia, head to the Accordia Inn and speak with the holy man in the corner to change Lazarel's and Teresa's classes and even reallocate skill points the entire party.

Before you dive right into the class of your dreams, however, there are a couple of things you should know first.

Facts About the Class System

All five classes are completely independent of each other. This means that all of the progress made in one vocation is essentially meaningless when you play another. When you switch away from Warrior for the first time, everything starts at from the beginning..

Classes have their own levels, stats, skills, weapons, spells, and abilities. Weapon proficiency is virtually the only thing other classes really benefit from. Figuratively everything is reset to square one and you must grind it out again if you hope to stand a chance during your story missions. Keep this in mind before you decide to change your class.

Main Character Classes of Dragon Quest Heroes 2

The five character classes offer unique skills and abilities that make them distinct even though some of them share weapons.

  • The Warrior, as you'd expect, is an up-in-your-face powerhouse that wields Dual Swords, Swords, and Axes. It has crowd control abilities and skills that increase its defensive prowess. No other class shares any of its weapons.
  • The Martial Artist is an agile harasser that lays on the heat with Staves and Claws. Its skills and abilities focus on maximizing damage and self-healing.
  • The Mage is a ranged caster that focuses on blasting enemies with their Wands, Heavy Wands, and Whips. They debuff and destroy enemies with spells and abilities and quickly replenish their mana for another barrage.
  • The Priest or Priestess is a healer that assists in the onslaught with Wands, Spears, and Staves. Their spells and abilities focus on buffing and healing the party in critical situations.
  • The Thief is a swift trickster that tears through the enemy with Claws, Whips, and Bows. Its skills and abilities focus on stealth and evasion in order to continue fighting another day.

Go ahead and give your new classes a whirl in the newbie Wild Zones. You're sure to find something you like among the mix. Make sure to buy any weapons you don't have from the vendor in town.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Classes Character Creation

Now that you know how to customize your character in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, what classes are you playing? Share your builds in the comment section below.

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Published May. 7th 2017

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