Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: How to Unlock Sage and Gladiator (and Locked Chests)

Unlocking Sage and Gladiator (and those pesky locked chests) in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is as simple as leveling a few of your main character's classes.

In Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Teresa and Lazarel can change between 5 classes (Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Priest, and Thief) after reaching a certain point early in the game. However, as it turns out, whoever you pick as the main character can unlock two extra classes with more available weapons and skills: Sage and Gladiator.

Luckily, unlocking these hidden classes is as easy as leveling a couple of your other vocations and reaching a certain point in the story. However, remember that you must level these vocations on your main character otherwise it won't count towards unlocking the hidden classes.

How to Unlock Sage in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

In order to unlock the quest for Sage, you must first level both the Mage and Priest classes to 20 on your main character. Just head to the highest level region you have unlocked with the best weapon you can buy and go to town -- level 20 should come relatively quickly.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide How to Unlock Sage

Once Mage and Priest are at 20, head to the abbot that changes your class and he'll acknowledge your accomplishments and submit 014 Knack of All Trades: Sage to the quest counter.

You have to reclaim Accordia before you can access this quest. Be sure not to pick it up until you're absolutely ready because you'll only have 15 minutes to complete it.

Once The Battle of the Wildwood is unlocked, head to the Accordia inn and make your preparations -- you need to tackle this quest without party members as a Mage or a Priest otherwise it won't count. Pick up the quest when you're ready, Zoom to the Overgrown Graveyard, and enter The Battle of the Wildwood.

You'll notice the goal isn't to complete the battle but rather to kill 250 enemies. For this reason, it's best if you ignore any larger creatures and focus on taking out as many trash mobs as you can. The room in the northwest of the map has a healthy collection of mobs for slaughter. When the enemy density starts to thin out, simply teleportal out and come back for a fresh batch.

Evac the moment you complete the quest and turn it in to unlock the Sage class. Head back to the abbot and you'll find Sage available exclusively on your main character. It starts at level 1 and has proficiency with Wands, Heavy Wands, Staves, Bows, and Whips.

How to Unlock Gladiator in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

To unlock the quest for Gladiator, you have to level both Warrior and Martial Artist to 20 on your main character. Grab the best weapon you can and head to the highest level Wild Zone available for some quick experience. Feel free to queue up for Story Battles or Dimensional Dungeons as well, but don't expect too many multiplayer hits.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide How to Unlock Gladiator

Head to the abbot in Accordia once Warrior and Martial Artist are level 20 and he'll acknowledge your feats and post 013 Knack of All Trades: Gladiator to the quest counter. Remember that you must have reclaimed Accordia before you can receive this quest

Once The Battle of the Great Divide (S) is unlocked, head back to the Accordia inn and make sure you're playing as a Warrior or Martial Artist without any party members otherwise nothing you do will count towards quest completion. It's not impossible at level 20, but I suggest being at least 28 or 30 before heading in, in the case of injury.

Grab the quest, Zoom to Redrock Road, and enter The Battle of the Great Divide (S) when you're ready. Note that you don't have to complete the battle, you just have to kill 250 enemies before the 15-minute quest timer is up. The southwest corner of the map is packed full of trash mobs, so go to town there. When the enemies grow sparse, simply run up to the center of the map and loop back and they'll all have respawned.

Remember, especially on this map, to avoid the large enemies and focus on the trash mobs. The monsters here are strong and you really don't want to be wasting time. As soon as you've killed all 250, Evac the battle and turn in the quest to unlock Gladiator. It starts at level 1 with weapon proficiencies in Dual Swords, Sword and Shield, Spear, Axe, and Claw.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide How to Open Locked Chests

How to Open Locked Chests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Can't figure out how to open locked chests? If you've stuck through this until now, you've probably noticed a pattern. That's right, unlocking chests is as simple as getting Thief to level 20 on your main character. Before you can obtain the quest for the key, however, you must reclaim Accordia from the clutches of evil.

Once you're caught up, head down the stairs past the save counter and talk to the old man next to the cat on your left. Next, talk to the burly man by the save counter with an exclamation point over his head and he'll mention that the Orb Shop has a special item in stock. Head over to the Orb Shop and scroll down until you reach a listing that is completely blank and buy it for 3,000 gold coins.

After buying the orb in the blank space, head to the quest counter and pick up 012 An Honor among Thieves. The dungeon can be found in Ingenia. You'll get the key that opens locked chests if you manage to sneak through the dungeon without being seen. It's difficult, but I have every faith that you can make it through. Enjoy the loot!

The benefits to leveling all of your starting classes to 20 is staggering. Imagine how strong you'll be after investing in all of your cross-vocation passive skills. Simmer on that for awhile.

Has leveling all of your classes ever been more enticing than in Dragon Quest Heroes 2? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Published May. 7th 2017

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