Dying Light 2: How to Activate the Downtown Electrical Substation

If you're wondering how to activate the Downtown Electrical Substation during A Place to Call Home in Dying Light 2, this walkthrough guide leads you step by step.

If you're wondering how to activate the Downtown Electrical Substation during A Place to Call Home in Dying Light 2, this walkthrough guide leads you step by step.

The Downtown Electrical Substation is likely the first of these Facilities you’ll activate in Dying Light 2. It’s part of the A Place to Call Home campaign quest, and you’ll automatically arrive at its location after getting and learning to use the Paraglider

Each Electrical Substation asks you to connect specific generators/terminals spread across the Facility to each other in order to restore power. Once you’ve restored power, you’ll then be able to assign the Facility to either the Survivors or the Peacekeepers as part of Dying Light 2‘s City Alignment system. 

This Dying Light 2 guide will walk you through how to activate the Downtown Electrical Substation, as well as point out how to get the Inhibitor inside. If you’re looking for other solutions, here’s how to activate the Substation in Garrison.

How to Activate the Downtown Electrical Substation in Dying Light 2

When you arrive at the location during A Place to Call Home and try to go in through the front door, you’ll be met by a group of PKs. Speak with them. Near the end of your conversation, there will be a fight against a group of Renegades. Defeat them, and then speak to the PKs again to start the actual Substation activation. 

Facing the front of the Substation where the PKs are, turn left to see a shack with a ramp in front of it. Climb up to the roof of the shack and then up to the metal trusses to the right. Follow the trusses along to the right, and jump over to a wooden platform jutting out.

Climb up on the yellow pipe, and follow it around to another wooden platform. Grab the next yellow pipe, and jump over to yet another wooden platform that leads to a broken window you can use to go inside. Once inside, drop down to the bottom floor.

Grab the first cable from the green Terminal 1 on the western wall. Take it over to the red Terminal 1 behind you, just over the turbine and crates. Now turn around, and go down the stairwell to the right of the original green Terminal 1.

You’ll see green Terminal 3. Grab the wire, and turn right. Go up the elevator shaft and back to the floor above. Attach the wire to the red Terminal 3, which is behind the previously red Terminal 1. 

Now go back to the original green Terminal 1, and go up the stairwell to the right. Go up two floors, and then go left to find green Terminal 2. Exit onto the balcony, and use the rope to swing over to the platform above the turbine on the floor below. Go through the double doors on the left, and hook the wire to red Terminal 2. 

This will activate the Downtown Electrical Substation. Once that happens, an elevator will descend to the first floor (with the turbine). It’s to the right of the original red Terminal 3. Use it to go to the Control Room.

When you arrive, grab the Inhibitor beyond the Control Room first, then activate the switch indicated by the objective marker. Once you activate the switch, you’ll trigger a cutscene that takes you to the top of the Substation, and you’ll have to climb back down and use the pulley lift to get the Inhibitor otherwise. Just saves you a step.

Assign the substation to whichever Faction you want, Survivors or Peacekeepers. It doesn’t matter for the story or multiple endings. 

And that’s that on how to activate the Downtown Electrical Substation in Dying Light 2. This certainly isn’t the trickiest wire puzzle in the game; the one in Houndfield is a bit dicier. Either way, now you know how to activate these facilities and other terminals found around Villedor. For more tips and walkthroughs, head over to our DL2 help hub right here.

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