Dying Light 2: How to Get the Paraglider

Why walk through Infected filled streets when you can soar through the air? Take to skies in Dying Light 2 with the paraglider.

Verticality is the name of the game in Dying Light 2, and the paraglider makes reaching the highest heights achievable. But how and when do you get it?

Your free-running, zombie-dodging adventures through the decaying remains of Villedor will send you high into the air and climbing atop skyscrapers and towers. One false step will send you plummeting to your death. That is unless you have the Paraglider.

This is a useful tool that will have you soaring through the skies, and leaping from tower to tower collecting Airdrops and other collectibles. Strap in, and let us show you how to get the paraglider in Dying Light 2.

How to Get the Paraglider in Dying Light 2

First the good news. There is no way to miss the paraglider when you are playing through Dying Light 2. It’s part of the critical path, and you will not get to the end of the main story without it. The bad news? You have to wait. This phenomenally useful tool isn’t available until the second act of the game.  

Play through the campaign as you would normally. Feel free to explore or take on sidequests, but completing main story missions is necessary to unlock the paraglider. Without spoiling anything, you will eventually conclude your main business in Old Villedor and move on to something new.

There is a long story sequence connecting the first and second areas you will need to finish. As soon as you reach the end of it, you will be given the paraglider automatically.  

The paraglider is a literal gamechanger. You can now leap off of tall objects without fear of the fall. The ability to glide is great for traversing long distances. Here are a few tips to help you get the most of the glider.  

Dying Light 2 Paraglider Tips: How to Use the Paraglider

First, know that the paraglider takes a few seconds to deploy. There is gap between safe falling and the altitude needed to deploy your paraglider can lead to you splattered on the pavement. You also can't be too close to the ground before deploying if jumping from a great height. If you must deploy the paraglider from a mid-altitude jump or near the ground, always pull back on the control stick or mouse immediately to try and avoid death.

Also, the paraglider can consume stamina quickly. Air vents can launch you further in the air and restore your strength, but you will still often run low. In games like Breath of the Wild, running out of energy causes you to drop from your glider. That is not the case on Dying Light 2. You lose the ability to control yourself, but you aren’t in danger of becoming roadkill. It’s ok to just ride it all the way down.

Also, as you're flying around the second part of the game, look for dense, grey air with swirling objects in it. These are mid-air vents that can propel you higher and keep you from losing stamina. Further, hitting air vents restores your stamina while flying.

Like many tools, the paraglider can be upgraded at the Craftmaster. You can reduce stamina consumption and unlock a boost maneuver if you spend your resources right. Doing so requires getting your hands on military tech from Airdrops. These are most often found in special GRE chests at the top of climbing puzzles.

Finally, keep in mind that the paraglider can be used offensively. Leveling up unlocks certain attacks and abilities that rely on being above your enemies. These work just as well from the paraglider as they do on a platform. It is extremely satisfying to end a long glide by stomping the head of a zombie, eliminating them like overgrown, undead goombas.

And that's how to get the paraglider in Dying Light 2. There are worse ways to spend your time than swooping through the air like a sugar glider above the masses of ravenous Infected and violent renegades. Do yourself a favor and snag the paraglider sooner rather than later. You are going to love it. And remember, Gameskinny is your home for the great tips and guides for Dying Light 2.


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Published Feb. 4th 2022

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