Here's how to complete the Undying Love side quest in Dying Light 2, complete with the safe combination.

Dying Light 2 Undying Affection Side Quest Walkthrough & Safe Combination

Here's how to complete the Undying Love side quest in Dying Light 2, complete with the safe combination.

Dying Light 2 is chock full of side quests, and Undying Affection is just one of them. It tasks you with remembering a different kind of safe combination and finding some letters for a woman named Charlotte. 

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This quick walkthrough guide leads you through Undying Affection step by step and includes the safe combination you’ll need to complete the quest in case you’ve forgotten. It’s not just numbers like the Saint Thomas code, nor is it a riddle like the one for the First Biomarker sidequest.

Undying Affection Walkthrough & Safe Combination

You’ll find the Undying Affection side quest on a rooftop 62 meters north of the Pine Windmill in Downtown. For another point of reference, it’s 220 meters east/southeast of the Downtown Court Metro Station.

When you arrive, you’ll find an NPC named Charlotte singing on a rooftop. She wants you to retrieve mementos from her betrothed, who died in the chemical bombings.

Start the quest, and head toward the mark 81 meters northeast. You’re first going to the high-rise with the vertical “Showroom” sign on it just off in the near distance. You’ll need the Paraglider to reach the building. 

Head north to the building with the red shutters and platforms across from you. You’ll find a Faction building at the top. Face the objective marker, and jump off the edge of this building toward the marker. Immediately activate your Paraglider and pull back to slow your descent. You should be able to hit the second floor from the top. 

Once on that rooftop, a new objective marker will appear, pointing to the grey office building with the circular red and white Office Tower logo. If you look down, you’ll see two air vents on the roof of a smaller building. Jump off the roof, and aim for the second one, which would give you just enough of a boost to enter the window of the office building. 

When you land, the objective will change to “Find and open the safe.” Mind all of the Biters here, and hop up to the second story on the left side. The safe is on a shelf in the back left corner. 

Now select: 

  • Twice to the right.
  • Once to the left.
  • Once to the right.
  • Open.

Now open the safe, and grab the letters and an uncommon bracelet valuable. Head back to Charlotte on the original building.

And that wraps up the Undying Affection side quest. You’ve helped Charlotte move on and gotten some nice goodies in return, specifically 3,000 Parkour points to your overall level. For more tips and walkthroughs, head over to our Dying Light 2 guides hub.

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