Dying Light 2: How to Get the Church of Saint Thomas Safe Code

Can't find the Church of Saint Thomas safe code to grab the Inhibitor in the radio room? Here's where to find it and, if you need, it's answer.

The safe code found at the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle on Saint Paul Island is just one of many in Dying Light 2. Unlike some of the others, though, this one is a bit difficult to locate. You'll come across its corresponding safe first, and may be wondering how to unlock it and grab the Inhibitor inside. 

Since it's likely you're already in the room with the safe, we won't go over how to climb from the bottom of the church all the way to safe room above the belltower. Just be sure to grab the Airdrop on the scaffolding for the Military Tech inside so you can upgrade your blueprints, including the paraglider, lockpicks, and healing items.

Face the safe, and go through the opening between it and the table with the radio. You'll see a gargoyle with red and white tape sticking to it and floating in the wind. Climb up on the gargoyle, then look up and climb again. 

You'll see a small red and beige container on the ground next to a yellow board. Open it to find the safe code. Though the combination to the safe is written on this sheet of paper, we'll drop it here just in case. The safe code is 444

Hop back down into the room below, open the safe, and grab an Inhibitor to increase either your health or stamina (considering you already have two on hand). If you need more, make sure to check out GRE Anomaly locations and GRE Quarantines for a boost.

And that's how to get the Church of Saint Thomas safe code in Dying Light 2. For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs, consider heading over to our DL2 hub, where we have articles on The First Biomarker safe code, answer the approximate value of pi, and a whole lot more. 

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Published Feb. 8th 2022

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