Dying Light 2: Where to Find All Airdrops & Locations

Here's where to find every Airdrop in Dying Light 2. It's time to get some military tech and rare weapons.

There are 26 Airdrops scattered around the world of Dying Light 2. Supplies left over from the Fall, these caches contain rare items, weapons, and crafting materials. To upgrade some of your blueprints, you'll want to seek them out. Opening them all will also give the Find Anything Interesting? trophy or achievement.

Most Airdrops contain Military Tech, a crafting material that is used when upgrading Nightrunner tools: the Paraglider and the Scorpion-like grapple hook. To get your hands on these yellow crates, though, you'll need to do some serious searching — or use the maps below. 

As you make your way around Old Villedor and the Central Loop, be sure to use your binoculars to scout for new points of interest from time to time. Sometimes they'll pick up Airdrops, but you can always tell there's an Airdrop around by looking for its parachute draped over the side of a building or object

However, there are 12 of these supply crates that are underwater. Called Sunken Airdrops, they're luckily all in the same area, so you won't have to go swimming in every canal or lake. 

Dying Light 2: All Airdrop Locations

Old Villedor Airdrops (x3)

THB-17U: This Airdrop is at the very top of the Office Plaza building northeast of the Willow Windmill in Horseshoe. 

THB-22B: This one is just north of the Nightrunner's Hideout in eastern Horseshoe. Use the crane at the Hideout to jump across to the raised portion of broken highway. The Airdrop is on the right side when you land.

THB-04B: This Airdrop is on top of Saint Joseph Hospital on the Trinity side, just barely out of Houndfield. Climb up the north side of the hospital using the yellow pipes on the side walls and the grapple points there to reach the roof. This cache also has an Inhibitor.

Central Loop Airdrops (x23)

THB-FH3: This one is in eastern New Dawn Park, on top of the high-rise just north of the Survivor artist workshop. You'll come here during the Nightrunners story quest, so you can wait until then to grab it.

If not, it's about 125-130 meters east of the Newalls Crossing metro station. Go to the artist workshop, and head toward the building just north. You'll see a blown-out window. Jump over and search the second floor for three mementos while you're here. Now use the red shutters to climb up to the very top of the building to get the Airdrop.

THB-NW4: This one is at the top of Lawan's building, above her apartment in southern downtown. The best way to get this Airdrop is to make sure to land here when paragliding down from the VNC tower during the very first part of The Shoe story mission. You'll hit an area of air that keeps you from using stamina (it looks a bit like smoke with trash floating in it). The Airdrop is on the right side of the roof and has an Inhibitor in it.

THB-R31: This Airdrop is on the roof of the building barely west of the Central Loop Downtown Court Metro Station. The buildings are technically connected. You can get to this by climbing up to the top of the metro station and jumping from the adjacent roof, or you could wait and paraglide down from Lawan's Safe Zone location during The Shoe story mission.

THB-M30: This is Airdrop is found in extreme northwestern Downtown, just northwest of the Historical Communications antenna. You can climb up this building by using the skyscrapers to the north and west, but it's a slog.

The best thing to do is to paraglide from the tower with the Antenna. You can get about halfway up the building by using the pulley lift on the north side of that building. From there, run off the side of the building with the wooden ramp in front of you. Use your paraglider to get to the next roof with the Airdrop, making sure to hit the grey air to lift you.

THB-1L0: You can find this Airdrop at the top of the Downtown Thugs Bandit Hideout building, on the roof. There is an Inhibitor inside. Eastern Downtown, 250 meters north of the Fish Eye.

THB-G3T: This one is in western Garrison. You must use the paraglider to reach it from the top of VNC Tower (as well as the next Airdrop). and can be Use the pully on the east side of VNC Tower to get up to the Safe Zone, then use the elevator inside to reach the Tower roof. It takes a while for the elevator to arrive once you call it, but if it takes more than 30 seconds, try punching it again.

THB-UT0: This Airdrop is in southern Garrison. Like Airdrop THB-G3T, you must use the paraglider to reach it. You'll need to go back up to the top of VNC Tower. Move from this one to the next on the list.

THB-7U3: This Airdrop can be found northwest of the Sunken Airdrop. It's also off the map, west of the Newfound Lost Lands border and south of the Garrison border. It requires the paraglider and coming from Garrison (THB-UT0) to reach. It's on top of a high-rise by the overpass off the map.

The first Sunken Airdrop can be found south of Newfound Lost Lands. Cross over the water from the territory to the highway (which is west of the Colonel's compound). From the Nightrunner's Hideout here, look south over the edge of the bridge. There are four light posts sticking out of the water forming a box. The Airdrop is there. It's a very hard lockpick. 

There are 11 more to be found in this area, all in the courtyards of or in and around the sunken buildings in the middle of the area. The map above outlines their locations. All are on the bottom of the lake/area. Be sure to empty your pockets: these Airdrops contain rare weapons and gear.

THB-V3P: Find this Airdrop in northwestern Lower Dam Ayre. You can get to it by climbing up the north side of the building or paragliding over from the South Loop Radio Tower.

THB-4UL: This Airdrop is on top of the Church of Saint John of God in northern Lower Dam Ayre. It's 200 meters southwest of the Saint Paul Cathedral. It also has an inhibitor in it. 

THB-1N4: This Airdrop is on top of the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle on Saint Paul Island. It's just outside the bell tower.

And there you have it: all of the Airdrop locations in Dying Light 2, including those pesky Sunken Airdrops. Now you've got enough Military Tech to upgrade your Nightrunner Tools, making traversal that much easier — and those parkour scores rise even higher. You've also got some great loot to show off. For more tips, head over to our DL2 guides hub.

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Published Feb. 17th 2022

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