Wondering if you should help Jack and Joe or not during the Water Tower quest in Dying Light 2? Here are the consequences for your choices.

Dying Light 2 Water Tower Choice: Should You Help Jack and Joe or Not?

Wondering if you should help Jack and Joe or not during the Water Tower quest in Dying Light 2? Here are the consequences for your choices.

The eighth main story quest in Dying Light 2 tasks you with disarming charges set in the Horseshoe Water Tower. This mission, aptly called Water Tower, plays out the same way no matter who you choose to side with during the previous quest, The Raid. You still must disarm three charges set at different heights to keep the Facility from blowing up. But when you get to the top, you’ll be faced with a choice: help Jack and Joe or not? 

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This Dying Light 2 guide won’t lead you through the quest but instead, it will explain the difference in your choices and help you choose to help Jack and Joe or not. 

Should You Help Jack and Joe or Not at the Water Tower in Dying Light 2?

After you remove the second charge on the Horseshoe Water Tower, you’ll get close enough to Jack and Joe to hear them arguing. Joe is having second thoughts about going through the demolition, but Jack is dead set on it. 

Go ahead and remove the third bomb, and pick up the Inhibitor in the same room before continuing your climb up. Move the plywood on the next level to enter the room with Joe and Jack. 

Jack and Joe Choices: Fight or Negotiate?

Jack and Joe will pretty quickly realize you’re in the room with them and present you with a choice: fight them or negotiate. 

The first choice, of course, leads to a fight. Taking both on in such a small space can be a bit difficult depending on your level and the weapons you’ve brought along. You don’t get much for defeating them, so it’s up to you if it’s worth the effort. 

Killing them here, though, means you can’t access their side quest later, which offers much better loot and XP. 

The second choice, negotiate, starts a negotiation between you and Jack and Joe, where Jack goads Joe to blow up the Water Tower while Joe continues to refuse. Ultimately, they both decide that since you’re a Pilgrim, you can get them out of the city and the crosshairs of the Survivors or Peacekeepers

You’ll also learn a few story tidbits about Lucas’ death, though they may or may not be true. 

Near the end of this conversation, you’ll be presented with another binary choice: “I will help you” and “I won’t help you.” The first choice lets Jack and Joe escape and reappear later with a side quest. The second choice, again, leads to a fight between the three of you. 

No matter what you choose, you’ll be able to activate the Water Tower Facility and assign your first building. Be sure to pick up the tape to the left of the water valve objective. However, if you want to pick up the side quest Moonshine at the PK Floating Fortress later, you should help them.

And now you know whether you should help Jack and Joe or not in the Water Tower story quest. The choice is up to you, but if I were to put money on it, I’d choose to negotiate with them for better valuables and gains down the line. For more, head over here to our other tips articles for Dying Light 2.

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