Add the Bloodhound Step Ash of War to your Elden Ring arsenal with the location and boss tips in this guide.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Bloodhound Step Ash of War Location

Add the Bloodhound Step Ash of War to your Elden Ring arsenal with the location and boss tips in this guide.

If you fought Darriwil the Bloodhound Knight, you’ve seen the teleporting quickstep he and all of his ilk use. Elden Ring’s Bloodhound Step Ash of War gives you that same power outside the Bloodhound’s Fang weapon. But where do you find its location?

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Getting your hands on this Ash of War isn’t a long process, but it can be a hard one if you aren’t prepared. We’ve got everything you need to know about getting your hands on Bloodhound Step in this Elden Ring guide.

Where to Find Bloodhound Step Ash of War in Elden Ring

The short answer to “Where is Bloodhound Step?” in Elden Ring is that it’s to the north of Lenne’s Rise in the Dragonbarrow area, north of Caelid.

You can either go north from Fort Faroth (where you also get a piece of the Dectus Medallion) or south from the Bestial Sanctum (where you give Gurranq Deathroot). You’ll come to a small bridge near Lenne’s Rise in either case.

During the day, there’s nothing around, but come back at night, and one of the wandering Night’s Cavalry world bosses patrols the region. Killing it awards Bloodhound Step.

How to Defeat Night’s Cavalry and Claim Bloodhound Step in Elden Ring

As a world boss, Night’s Cavalry isn’t the most complex fight in Elden Ring, but this particular version has a lot of health and damage due to his mid- to late-game location. Beating it is worth it, though, for the Bloodhound Step.

Attack 1: Riding Slash

The Night’s Cavalry has several variations of this attack, but all of them boil down to him charging on horseback and swinging his halberd at you. Usually, this swing covers his entire right side but can also be a wide, horizontal sweep.

Attack 2: Jumping Slam

This attack starts as what looks like a riding slash, but before he reaches you, the Night’s Cavalry launches into the air, coming down about a second and a half later.

Attack 3: Horse Rear into Shoulder Check

The Night Cavalry’s horse rears up and slams its hooves down after holding the rear for about three seconds. However, the attack isn’t over when after the slam lands. Instead, the horse quickly shoves its shoulder toward you as a follow-up and roll-punish. It does this every time, so long as you’re within melee range, keep it in mind.

Attack 4: Unseated Swings

Doing enough damage to the Night’s Cavalry horse will eventually kill it. This sends the rider flat on his back, allowing you to do a ground-critical. Provided he survives, he’ll get up and start attacking. Most of his swings are standard fare. Back and forth and downward chops.

Attack 5: Resummon Horse

Not long after he’s unseated, the Night’s Cavalry rider will raise his non-sword arm into the air and cast a purple-colored spell. This gives you a few seconds to wail on him before he hops on a new horse and resumes riding around and attacking.

With the Night’s Cavalry defeated, you’ll receive 48,000 Runes and the Bloodhound Step Ash of War. Use both wisely. Until you reach the Dragonbarrow, try out our best Ashes of War, and pair them with some of the best weapons in Elden Ring. If you’ve yet to take on Darriwil, our boss guide has the tips you need. Our guides hub has even more.

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