Enshrouded: How to Fix Crashing During Intro Cinematic

Here's a solution to fix crashing during the intro cutscene in Enshrouded.

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There have been a few issues with Enshrouded‘s launch, some related to client stability and others related to the servers. In this case, it’s the former. I’ll tell you how to fix crashing during the intro cinematic in Enshrouded if you’re running into this problem.

How to Fix Crashing During the Intro in Enshrouded

The intro crash could hit any video card, but it’s most prevalent on Nvidia GTX 3060 GPUs. Regardless, the solution to crashing during the intro in Enshrouded is actually a solution we’ve all read time and time again: updating your video card driver.

Just after Enshrouded‘s release, Nividia released a new driver for their GPUs. Whether you’re the sort that likes to keep your drivers updated or not, the short gap between the game’s launch and the new Nvidia drivers means you probably need to update.

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Crashing on the intro cutscene mostly happened to people with RTX 3060s, which is what I’m running. I was hit by this crash before I updated my GPU drivers, so I can attest that this solution works. It’s a little inconvenient that I had to wait a while after release to actually play the game, but sometimes that’s just what has to be done. And at least there is a solution. That said, we can’t personally comment on whether a driver update will fix this crash if you’re running AMD.

How to Update Your Video Card Drivers

Just to make this process easier, here are the links to both Nivida and AMD’s drivers. Just head over and select the GPU you have in your computer to download the latest driver:

Whether this crash will continue to affect players after this driver update wave is yet to be seen, but we can confirm that it does work if you’re afflicted by it and are using an Nvidia RTX 3060.

That’s it for how to fix crashing during the intro cinematic in Enshrouded. Check out some of our other guides on the game, such as how to get Shroud Core, how to upgrade the Flame Altar, and how to build a shop for the blacksmith.

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