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Exoprimal: All Dinosaur Types Listed

Here's a breakdown of every dinosaur type you'll encounter in Exoprimal.

All the chaos of Exoprimal matches makes it hard to get a read on every dino that comes your way. The RNG nature of the objectives and level-gated content could also mean there are many monsters you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet either. Here’s a list of every dinosaur in Exoprimal to remind you of what’s out there in the wargames.

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All Dinosaurs Types in Exoprimal

These 23 ravenous dinos are best listed in two different categories: Dinosaurs and Neosaurs. The former is the typical type you’ve probably read about before, while the latter are transformed versions as a result of passing through space and time. Neosaurs have a variety of abilities that make them that much more of a threat than their regular counterparts.



Exoprimal Dinosaurs List


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These are the first dinosaurs you’ll meet and ones you’ll become extremely familiar with. Raptors are on the smaller side, but they’re quick and the most common type you’ll fight in swarms.


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After you’ve progressed through the story enough, you’ll start to see Baryonyx. They’re larger, travel in packs, and are immune to fire. Don’t fret if you’re facing a swarm of them with Barrage, he can still deal some damage. Any lingering fire effects just won’t be of any help against them.


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Right along with the Baryonyx are the Suchomimus. These guys are effectively the same in gameplay, except they’re immune to any Frost attacks. This means there’s no point in using Vigilant’s Frost Lock ability or the Murasame Alpha’s counterattack once the Alpha Exosuits release.

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The Pteranodon is another early-game dinosaur you come across as well as the first flying type. These should be left to Exosuits with range, although melee-focused Exosuits can get in on the action if they have any vertical movement abilities.


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Not every winged dinosaur spends their entire time in the air and the Deinonychus is a great example of that. These smaller enemies will run around in packs and then jump and glide in your direction when they mean to attack.


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The Sinornithosaurus are the tiniest enemies in Exoprimal, but their size is balanced by quantity as you’ll seem to encounter them by the hundreds. Make sure not to let them grab onto you as they’ll eventually begin to disable your abilities.


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These are the first dinosaurs to be summoned in individually or small groups. The Pachycephalosaurus has a bigger health bar and its headbutt can knock you down and far away. They’re not too difficult on their own, although they can be a nuisance once they begin spawning in groups.


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Some dinosaur lovers might not be thrilled about the Dilophosaurus being presented more like its Jurassic Park interpretation, but it certainly does shake up gameplay. They avoid close contact so that they can attack from a distance. Their neck frills will expand whenever they’re about to spew out a poisonous cloud.


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The Carnotaurus is the first large-scale dinosaur you fight that would be the equivalent of a mini-boss. It can attack from all angles, however,  it will mostly try to use its head and charge at you.


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Just as powerful and intimidating is the Triceratops. Unless you’re using Roadblock and his shield, which can net you one of the more elusive achievements, it might be worth attacking this dinosaur from the sides. Just be careful of its quick rolling attacks.


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Not every attack from the Ankylosaurus will hurt, but its tail with hit you like a wrecking ball. It’s easy to see those attacks coming though, so just pay attention and be ready to move or block.


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You’ll fight one in the prologue and then it will be a while before you fight another. The T. Rex is one of the most ferocious dinosaurs and it has an instant kill attack, so you’d best keep your distance.


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One of the last dinosaurs to be encountered is the Stegosaurus. It’s one of the few normal types to come with an ability: its roar will disable your Exosuit’s abilities for a short period. Thankfully, it’s arguably the weakest of this bigger bunch.

Exoprimal Neosaurs List

Gas Neosaur

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A mutated raptor with a large bulbous sac on its back. The Gas Neosaur will run toward you for a kamikaze attack, so be prepared to run if you can’t stun them in time.

Sniper Neosaur

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Another mutated raptor that attacks from a long distance. The Sniper Neosaur will shoot homing projectiles at you and can teleport if you get too close. 

Umbral Neosaur

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The Umbral Neosaur is another raptor mutation. These monsters can retract into their shadows to avoid attacks, only coming back out when they’ve decided on a target.

Trigger Neosaur

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The Trigger Neosaurs are rare monsters that look like golden versions of a Gas Neosaur. Kill them to strengthen the dinosaurs attacking the enemy team.

Evoker Neosaur

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These are the first mutant version of the Pteranodon. They themselves don’t attack, but they do continuously summon Pteranodons and direct them to attack you.

Pyro Neosaur

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Few are as hectic as the Pyro Neosaur. They’ll dive in to leave a trail of fire behind them or simply pepper down fireballs from above.

Stealth Neosaur

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A mutated Sinornithosaurus with electric-based attacks that can stun you. To top it off, they can also turn mostly invisible. I say mostly because there should be a faint outline, but they might as well be fully invisible when there’s an entire dinosaur horde attacking you.

Cryo Neosaur

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Another Sinornithosaurus mutation. They’ll launch ice spikes from a set distance away and can create ice clones when they’re being attacked.

Neo T. Rex

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The Neo T. Rex is the first major boss you’ll fight alongside the enemy team with. It has multiple laser beam and shockwave attacks, as well as the ability to summon other Neosaurs to battle. You’ll want to use the best exosuits to increase your chances.

Neo Ankylosaurus

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The Neo Ankylosaurus summons a wall of debris as a shield to block all attacks. Additionally, it can also shoot out projectiles from both its tail and its back.

That covers our list of all the dinosaur types in Exoprimal. If you’d like to know how to best farm currency as you take these dinos down, check out our BikCoin Farming guide. Any other time-looping dinosaur-fighting questions can be found within our Exoprimal guides database.

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