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Exoprimal: All Game Modes Explained

Here's everything you need to know about each game mode and mission Exoprimal has to offer.

It might seem confusing that Exoprimal starts off with only the Dino Survival mode, but there is a good amount of variety in it with all the missions. The RNG nature and level-gated progression could also mean you just haven’t had the chance to experience everything quite yet. This guide will break down every game mode and mission in Exoprimal.

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All Exoprimal Game Modes Explained

There are two Exoprimal game modes that we currently know of:

  • Dino Survival
  • Savage Gauntlet

The former is the only one available during the first two weeks and consists of a wide range of missions that you’ll play throughout the campaign. We’ll be going over every mission, including the story-related/boss ones since they are repeatable. Spoilers inbound if you’re still playing through the story.

Savage Gauntlet is launching on July 28th. Something important to note is that it’s set exclusively as endgame content. You’ll need to beat the campaign before you get access to it.

Dino Survival

Dino Survival

Dinosaur Cull

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This is the most common mission type in the group and the first one you’re introduced to. All you need to do is defeat a set number of specific dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Cull is simple enough at first, but it can get more complicated later on when you only need to focus on two dinosaur types while you have five types being thrown at you. It can also feel quite common for your teammates not to notice that they only need to slay one more Pteranodon, so it’s very vital to pay attention to the objectives of this mission. 

Area Defense

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The first protection mission type introduced, Area Defense requires your team to protect a device. Hordes of dinosaurs will be summoned with the sole purpose of destroying it.

If it takes enough damage from dinosaurs it will be destroyed. Stay close to it and your team will be able to repair and get it running again though. Tank-class Exosuits that can create shields or barriers are a huge help in this mode.

Dino Pursuit

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Dino Pursuit is a unique offset of Dinosaur Cull. Your target is just one of the bigger dinosaurs that act like mini-bosses, but they’ll soon flee the fight after a little bit.

You’ll need to chase after them to finish them off. However, multiple hordes of dinosaurs will spawn in your way and slow you down. Try to run past them if you can and keep the pursuit up – the mission only ends once you’ve taken out your target.

VTOL Defense

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One of the latter missions added, VTOL Defense spawns a grounded aircraft that will catch the attention of every dinosaur that spawns. Your job is to defend it from taking too much damage.

This mission functions a lot like Area Defense, only that you’re defending something with a noticeable health bar. Once again, Exosuits that can create shields or barriers will do wonders here. If the VTOL is destroyed, you’ll have to start the mission all over again.


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The Escort mission has you defend an NPC Exofighter while they move around the map. Every once in a while they’ll find a spot they need to investigate.

These Exofighters are defenseless, so you’ll need to keep the dinos off them. There is a lot that will spawn in this mission, so be prepared and keep an eye out for any that might appear behind you as well.

Vortexer Sabotage

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Vortexer Sabotage spawns in a Vortexer in the middle of an area. All you need to do is destroy its armor and then have a player shut it down.

What makes this difficult is that it repeatedly summons other dinosaurs. Use your best AoE attacks to carve a path in and then protect whichever player decides to shut it down.

Data Key Security

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Data Key Security is one of the PvP final mission types. Both teams will need to escort a giant Data Key (represented by a huge cube) to a central location so it can be uploaded. Attacks can temporarily destroy the data key, so it’s imperative that you keep enemies away.

Most of this mode will be defending against dinosaurs, but players can also attack their enemy team’s data key as well. The final leg of the escort will be in the same area, so you can expect some confrontation for sure.

Omega Charge

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Omega Charge is introduced in the story mission where you help escort Magnum. This PvP mission tasks both teams to use an Omega Hammer to destroy key objects.

One player will need to carry the hammer and charge it up by attacking dinosaurs. The final objectives are in the same area, which can make the last part a lengthy one.

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A PvP mission that functions a lot like a base control/king of the hill mode. Three different uplinks are stationed on the map and you’ll need to fight the enemy team for control of them. The more uplinks you control and the more players staying within their area, the faster they upload data.

Attacks from dinosaurs or enemy Exofighters will stop the uplink progress. There’s a lot going on in this mode since you don’t want to split up too much and it benefits to stay close to the uplinks, but you also want to control a majority of them.

Energy Taker

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Energy Taker is another PvP mission. Packets of energy will spawn all around the map and the team with the most energy collected wins.

Aside from attacking the enemy team to prevent them from gathering more energy, you can loot more after they’ve been defeated. Plenty of dinosaurs will keep spawning to make this one of the more chaotic missions.

Neo T. Rex

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The fight against the Neo T. Rex is one of the first big boss battles you’ll have and the first time you’ll fight alongside the enemy team in the Abyss. 

It has powerful laser attacks, can summon other dinosaurs, and can cause the terrain to change. The limited respawns only make this that much of a tougher battle. If you’re having trouble, you might want to check out our Exosuit Tier List to see how you might improve your chances.

Durban’s Trial

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This one doesn’t have a proper name, but we’re going off of what the related achievement is called for beating it the first time. It’s another ten Exofighter challenge that functions more like a difficult combat trial than the boss fight of a Neo T. Rex.

You’ll all need to take out hundreds of Deinonychus, climb to the top of the map to defeat a mix of dinosaurs and neosaurs, and then face off against an Ankylosaurus and two Neo-Ankylosaurus. To call it tough is an understatement.

Durban Boss Fight

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Durban himself will fight you in this mission. He utilizes a special Exosuit that has some large weapons attached to it. Like the previous two, both teams will come together to fight him.

He likes to hit you fast and hard, so make sure to save any mobility options for avoiding his giant lasers. I’ve noticed that Skywave can comfortably avoid most of his attacks in the air, although they are susceptible to one of his stronger attacks that affect the entire area. Support Units will need to work overtime to keep all players alive.

Final Boss Fight

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The final boss fight is the most intense mission in the game by far. Both teams will have to work together to take down a large mech across two phases.

What’s most difficult here is that there are multiple missions from above that you’ll have to accomplish first before you even have the opportunity to do damage. You can expect to fight swarms of dinosaurs, neosaurs, and multiple larger dinosaurs as well. This mission practically throws everything Exoprimal has at you. Depending on how the RNG has given you missions, it’s very possible that you’ll be seeing some dinosaurs for the first time too.

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Savage Gauntlet

That just leaves us with Savage Gauntlet, which we can’t write too much about now. We know that it’s meant for the endgame and is supposed to feature some of the toughest challenges yet with a weekly rotating ruleset. It features 5-person missions that you need to clear as soon as possible.

It’s a lot to go over, but that’s all mode and mission in Exoprimal. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen some before – in over 60 games there are quite a few that I’ve only played one time. If you’re looking to keep a steady amount of the currency coming in between those games, check out our BikCoin Farming Guide. Everything else you need to survive Leviathan’s wargames can be found on our Exoprimal guides page.

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