Fae Farm: How to Complete Sour But Sweet Quest

Here's how to complete Boletal's quest.

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Once you’ve made your way to the Fae Realm in Fae Farm, you’ll begin working your way through the Floating Ruins. Eventually, you’ll meet Boletal and receive the ‘Sour But Sweet’ quest that’ll have you searching for ingredients all over Azoria. Here’s how to complete the ‘Sour But Sweet’ quest in Fae Farm.

How to Complete Sour But Sweet Quest in Fae Farm

Once you finally reach level 25 of the Floating Ruins dungeon, you’ll meet a mysterious and whimsical creature named Boletal. You’ll learn that Boletal has been the source of the poisonous Miasma fog, and they need your help eradicating it from the Fae realm by hosting a feast. Here are the ingredients Boletal needs you to gather and how to find them.

  • x3 Fae Dust
    • x1 Fae Dust is crafted from x1 Sun Sprites or x1 Myst Fairy at the Fae Critter Conservatory. Both creatures can be caught with an upgraded Critter Net in the Fae Realm.
  • x15 Clover Feed
  • x5 Spore Essence
    • x1 Spore Essence is crafted from x4 Sporeweed at the Potion Ingredients Station. Harvested with an upgraded Scythe throughout floors 5-24 of the Floating Ruins.
  • x10 Violet Jellycaps
    • Slim purple mushrooms found throughout the Fae Realm. I had to return a few days in a row to gather enough.
  • x5 Polished Emeralds
    • Crafted from x10 Rough Emerald with the Gem Polisher. Rough Emerald can be found throughout floors 21-24 of the Floating Ruins.

I found collecting the Sun Spirtes and Myst Fairies to be a slight challenge, so I recommend sneaking up to the Fae creatures and being fast with the Net. If you miss, they’ll dissapear momentarily and will only return a few times before dissapearing entirely. Once you’ve gathered everything, bring the ingredients to the platform in front of Boletal, like you did with Neppy. You’ll be asked to return to Boletal the following day to dispel the Miasma, and then the ‘Sour But Sweet’ quest will be completed.

That’s all there is to know about completing the ‘Sour But Sweet’ Boletal quest in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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