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Fae Farm: Scorched Caverns Seals

Here's how to unlock all 24 pedestals in the Scorched Caverns.

Fae Farm has three unique dungeons for you to explore and conquer. The Scorched Caverns are the final dungeon in the story, and you’ll need to reach floor 25 to complete Igni’s ‘Watch Your Step’ quest. Here’s our complete Scorched Caverns Seals guide for Fae Farm.

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How to Complete Scorched Caverns Seals in Fae Farm

Much like previous dungeons, you’ll need to complete door Seals across the Scorched Caverns to unlock the ability to teleport throughout floors. Igni asks you to reach floor 25 for ‘Watch Your Step’, and I highly recommend you complete the 24 Seals to ease the process. Here’s a breakdown of the Scorched Cavern Seals.

  • Orichalcum Seal
    • Floors 1-4
    • Recipe: x4 Orichalcum Ore
  • Hammered Orichalcum Seal
    • Floors 5-8
    • Recipe: x1 Orichalcum Seal, x8 Rough Ruby
  • Engraved Orichalcum Seal
    • Floors 9-12
    • Recipe: x1 Orichalcum Seal, x8 Raw Garnet
  • Gold Seal
    • Floors 13-16
    • Recipe: x4 Gold Ore
  • Hammered Gold Seal
    • Floors 17-20
    • Recipe: x1 Gold Seal, x8 Rough Diamond
  • Engraved Gold Seal
    • Floors 21-24
    • Recipe: x1 Gold Seal, x8 Rough Obsidian
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You’ll need to upgrade to a Silver Pickaxe to mine in the Scorched Caverns. You’ll need to take a trip to the Floating Ruins dungeon to acquire all of the materials for your upgraded tool. Here are all of the components you’ll need to upgrade your pickaxe with Cinder.

  • Silver Pickaxe
    • Ability: Strengthens axe, breaks orichalcum ore, and breaks a 5×5 area by spending mana.
    • Cost: x4 Silver Ingot, 2500 Florins

Additionally, you’ll want to be prepared with some Fireproof Potions to protect yourself from heat damage in the Scorched Caverns. I recommend you prepare the Medium Fireproof Potion at your Potion Brewing Cauldron so you have a decent amount of time to explore. Here’s how to prepare the Fireproof Potion.

  • Small Fireproof Potion
    • Duration: x6 in-game hours
    • x2 Frost Fuzz
    • x1 Snow Flakes
  • Medium Fireproof Potion
    • Duration: x9 in-game hours
    • x3 Frost Fuzz
    • x2 Snow Flakes
    • x2 Frog Sweat
  • Large Fireproof Potion

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to complete the Scorched Ruins Fae Farm. We’ve got plenty more to discover here at GameSkinny, like our How to Get Flame Heart breakdown. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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