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Fallout 76 Brain Fungus Locations

Here are all Fallout 76 Brain Fungus locations so you can quickly complete your weekly timed challenge.

Brain Fungus in Fallout 76 is a consumable item you can eat raw or used in various recipes, such as Berry Mentants. In addition, you’ll need to collect enough of them to complete timed challenges that will reward you with Season Tickets when completed. Here are all Fallout 76 Brain Fungus locations so you can collect enough without scouring all of Appalachia.

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Where to Find Brain Fungus in Fallout 76

  • The location of the Wendigo Cave in Fallout 76 marked on the map.
  • Farming Brain Fungus from the Wendigo Cave in Fallout 76

The best place to farm Brain Fungus in Fallout 76 is the Wendigo Cave. You can find over 100 Brain Fungus at this location, giving you enough to complete the timed weekly challenge that requires you to collect 25. However, the scary name lives up to its reputation because you’ll face Wendigos, Mirelurks, and Feral Ghouls here, so be ready to fight.

If other Vault Dwellers have picked over the Wendigo Cave, here are all the Fallout 76 Brain Fungus locations and how much you can expect to find there. The table below has been sorted based on how much you can find at a location so you can decide whether it is worth venturing there.

Brain Fungus LocationAmount
Kerwood Mine57
Big Bend Tunnel West and East52
Carleton Mine40
Abandoned Bog Town30
Abandoned Waste Dump28
Gauley Mine26
Fort Defiance20
Atlas Substructure19
Whitespring Service Entrance15
Emmett Mountain Disposal Site15
Carson Family Bunker7
The Deep7
The Rusty Pick5
Enclave Research Facility4
Gnarled Shallows3
Kill Box3
Vault 632
Raleigh Clay’s Bunker2
Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant2
Horizon’s Rest1
Hornwright Summer Villa1
Helvetia Church1

Brain Fungus is not just for completing challenges. It’s a versatile resource. You can satiate your hunger and thirst by crafting Brain Fungus Soup and gain a +2 Intelligence bonus for 30 minutes. The soup also provides a healing rate of 1.20 health per second, making it a valuable asset in your survival toolkit. In addition, if Brain Fungus is in the Blast Zone of a nuke fired by you or another player, it will turn into Raw Crimson Flux instead, which will spoil into Inert Flux after 90 minutes of being in your inventory.

Now that you know all Fallout 76 Brain Fungus locations, you’ll earn those season tickets and eat delicious soup in C.A.M.P. in no time. Check out our Fallout 76 hub for more guides like How to Scrap Junk to Produce Oil, which discusses the best location to farm Oil for weekly timed challenges and is a good spot for collecting Brain Fungus!

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