Fallout 76 Purveyor Location: Find the Legendary Vendor

We know the Purveyor legendary vendor location in Fallout 76. This is where you can offload your junk equipment and find better weapons and armor.

We know the Purveyor legendary vendor location in Fallout 76. This is where you can offload your junk equipment and find better weapons and armor.

Patch 9 recently dropped for Fallout 76. It not only offered up brand-new Wild Appalachia content, but also brought changes to personal vending machines and tweaks to the C.A.M.P. and Workshop systems. It also brought with it a new shopkeep, and now everyone is looking for the Purveyor legendary vendor location. 

As its name implies, the Purveyor legendary vendor only sells legendary items. These can only be purchased with a brand-new kind of currency called legendary scrips (and we all know we wanted another form of in-game currency, right?).

The Purveyor legendary vendor arrived a week earlier than originally announced and can now be found near Berkeley Springs.

Finding the Purveyor Legendary Vendor Location

The Purveyor legendary vendor is found in the (formerly) abandoned train station just southeast of Berkeley Springs. It’s hard to miss, as there are only two buildings in this location, and one is clearly marked as the Berkeley Springs Station.

Smash down the boarded-up door if you haven’t already, and the Purveyor will be waiting for you with a brand new shop.

Unfortunately, the Purveyor’s legendary wares are totally randomized, so you’re rolling the dice and hoping for something decent at these prices:

  • 1-star legendary armor: 15 scrips
  • 2-star legendary armor: 30 scrips
  • 3-star legendary armor: 60 scrips
  • 1-star legendary melee weapon: 25 scrips
  • 2-star legendary melee weapon: 50 scrips
  • 3-star legendary melee weapon: 100 scrips
  • 1-star legendary ranged weapon: 25 scrips
  • 2-star legendary ranged weapon: 50 scrips
  • 3-star legendary ranged weapon: 100 scrips

Don’t have any legendary scrips yet to buy equipment from the Purveyor? Head to a train station and look for an exchange machine, where you can break down your existing legendary items into legendary scrips for trading.

If you’ve got plenty of low-quality legendary items you don’t ever use, it’s worth breaking them down and giving the Purveyor’s wares a shot on the off chance you get something better.

Have you managed to get anything decent from the legendary vendor yet? Let us know your best pull so far in the comments below, and be sure to also take a look at our full list of Fallout 76 guides:

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