FFXIV: Island Sanctuary Max Level and How to Earn EXP

What's the new max level for FFXIV's Island Sanctuary, and how do you earn the experience to get there?

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Patch 6.4 in FFXIV brought with it a new max level for Island Sanctuary, and now you might be wondering how to earn the exp to reach this new max without it feeling like too much of a grind. In this guide we’re going to go over the current Island Sanctuary level cap, alongside the activities that will grant you Island Sanctuary EXP.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Max Level

The new max level for your Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary is 16, and that can feel far away with how slow experience is gained combined with how much you need to level. Luckily, there are multiple ways to gain experience, some of which can be done passively.

How to Earn Island Sanctuary Exp

Aside from completing quests on your Island Sanctuary and building facilities, both of which offer limited experience since you can only do so many quests and build so many facilities, there are ways for you to keep experience coming in. It’s important to note that Granaries do not grant experience with expeditions.

  • Workshops: Fill your schedule each season to get both experience and cowries
  • Cropland: Harvesting crops rewards you with experience
  • Pastures: Gathering materials from the animals you’ve collected gives experience
  • Crafting: Making items gives a small amount of experience
  • Capturing: Capturing animals for your pastures also gives a small amount of experience
  • Gathering: You can gather materials around the island for a small amount of experience

Of these methods, Workshops give the most experience while Gathering gives the least. However, Workshops are time restricted, so you can’t do much while waiting for them to run. 

But you can gather as many nodes as you want. If you have the time and nothing else to do, then you can grind experience by gathering, but it is a tedious and long process. I know this from experience, but it works since I was able to level my Island Sanctuary in a few days by mindlessly gathering.

Now that you know your options to get to Island Sanctuary level 16, check out how to use Furniture Glamours on your island or some of our other FFXIV guides.

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