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Final Fantasy 16 Best Gear Guide: Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

There are lots of good weapon, armor, and accessory options in Final Fantasy 16. Learn about the best gear here.

Despite being an action game with limited RPG elements, you’ll still want the best gear in FF16. And between weapons, armor, and accessories, there are some good options to seek out. By the end of the game, you unlock the ability to either craft or earn some insanely powerful items, even without going into New Game+. But even some early options can carry you through almost the entire experience.

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The Best Gear in Final Fantasy 16

The Best FF16 Weapon

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There may be dozens of different weapons and armor pieces in Final Fantasy 16, but there’s only one best-in-class option for each of your three equipment slots. With these weapons and armor equipped, you’ll have the best flat damage and defense available in the game, and you can enhance both with the best accessories.


The best gear in FF16 is the Gotterdamerung sword, which you can craft by finishing the Blacksmith Blues IV sidequest. Completing the quest awards the Ragnarok sword, which you’ll need to make the Gotterdamerung. In addition, you’ll need three units of Orichalcum, two units of Darksteel, and one Primitive Battlehorn. You get all of these items as rewards for completing Notorious Mark Hunts in A-tier or higher. And don’t sell any of these materials because if you do, you’ll be locked out of the weapon.

The Best Armor in Final Fantasy 16

Ouroboros and The Sons of Ouroboros

The best gear in terms of armor pieces are the Ouroboros belt and The Sons of Ouroboros bracers, both of which you unlock the ability to craft after completing the Blacksmith’s Blues III side quest. To craft these items, however, you need the following:

  • Ouroboros: One Stone Tongue, one Comet Feather, one unit of Orichalcum
  • The Sons of Ouroboros: One Stained Loincloth, one Morbol Flower, one unit of Orichalcum

The Best Accessories in FF16

Most of the best accessories in Final Fantasy 16 are found at the end of the game, but you find many ability-upgrade items throughout your playthrough, too. While these can vastly improve how abilities function, they’re situational based on what Eikons you have equipped.

For the sake of this guide, I’ll be focusing on accessories that make Clive a more effective fighter at all times and with all weapons and ability sets. However, I’ll give some general guidance on the best Eikon accessories, as well.

Berserker’s Ring

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Awarded for reaching 85 Renown at the Patron’s Whisper, the Berserker’s Ring is one of the best gear items in the game, even after you get some of the higher rarity and higher base power accessories. With the Ring equipped, every precision dodge empowers Clive’s sword and temporarily improves his attacks, giving him more powerful strings and combo enders. If you’re like me and built your game plan around precision dodging (and I think you should until you can parry consistently), this accessory’s utility is unparalleled.

Adamantite Gauntlets

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Found in the tower of Reverie shortly before the fight against King Barnabas, the benefits provided by the Adamantitle Gauntlets are as simple as they are significant: an extra 500 hit points. Nothing fancy, nothing stylish — just pure survivability. A no-brainer choice for the best gear in FF16.

Genji Gloves

Your reward for reaching 2,365 Renwon at the Patron’s Whisper, the Genji Gloves, like the Adamantite Gauntlets, provide a simple but immensely powerful benefit. Wearing them, Clive can do 5% more damage across the board. Weapon attacks, Eikon abilities, spells, and everything in between deal an incremental but noticeable improvement to your damage output.

Talisman of Priming

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The reward for reaching 1,350 Renown at the Patron’s Whisper, the Talisman of Priming increases the duration of lionheart tonic by 30 seconds, to a maximum of 63 seconds total. While you can only bring two lionheart tonics into battle, their ability to gradually fill your Limit Gauge and supplement how the gauge builds normally (dealing and taking damage) ensures you can earn multiple full Limit meters per tonic use.

Best Eikon-Specific Accessories

My preference for Eikon accessories is based around cooldowns, specifically Ultimate ability cooldown reduction. Eikon abilities like Judgement Bolt especially benefit, as anything to bring down its 90-second cooldown is welcome.

And those are our picks for the best gear options in Final Fantasy 16. The list is relatively short, and the weapons, armor pieces, and accessories are (mostly) hard to come by, but every item is still worth its weight in the time you’ll spend getting it. We’ve covered other pressing topics for the game, including how to get the Demontamer’s Sash, how to get Excalibur, and more in our FF16 guides hub.

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