Final Fantasy 16: How to Earn Renown and Donation Rewards

Our Final Fantasy 16 Renown and Donation Rewards guide discusses this in-game concept, as well as some of the items you can obtain.

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The Final Fantasy 16 Renown mechanic is a means of earning additional goodies during your travels. By completing certain tasks, you’ll acquire materials, gear pieces, and blueprints. Our FF16 Renown and Donation Rewards guide discusses this in-game concept, as well as some of the items you can obtain.

How to Earn Renown and Donation Rewards in FF16

Sources of Renown

In Final Fantasy 16 Renown is akin to reputation points. There are a couple of notable ways to earn more:

  • Complete side quests — There are several side quests that become available throughout the course of the campaign. These have a green circle icon. Moreover, those with a plus sign (+) are considered notable in that they may offer cool rewards. For instance, White-Winged Wonder gives you access to your Chocobo mount.
  • Complete Hunts — First, you’ll need to unlock the Hunt Board. Once you do that, you’ll see parchments detailing the difficulty and locations of creatures that you need to eliminate. Travel to those areas and defeat the target to earn Renown.

Also, do note that there are a few instances where side quests also lead to hunts. For instance, Blacksmith’s Blues has you tracking down the Dozmare Griffin. I received +30 Renown in total once I had completed the objectives.

Claiming Donation Rewards

Final Fantasy 16 Donation Rewards can be claimed in the Hideaway hub. Specifically, you’ll need to talk to an NPC named Desiree. She’s chilling beside the Alliant Reports NPC.

Donation Rewards work similarly to a tier/threshold system in that your total Renown determines the goodies that can be claimed. The higher it is, the more you can pick up, and your Renown points will never diminish anyway.

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Here are some examples of Donation Rewards that I’ve seen so far:

  • Talk of the Teahouse (15 Renown) — 20x Valley Madder, 20x Steelsilk, 20x Bloody Hide, and 400 ability points.
  • Respect (45 Renown) — 1x Meteorite.
  • Pillow Talk (85 Renown) — 1x Berserker Ring; temporarily increases attack proficiency with each precision dodge.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about earning Renown and Donation Rewards in FF16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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