Everything you need to become a wise Sage in Final Fantasy Explorers is right in this guide!

Final Fantasy Explorers Job Guide: Sage

Everything you need to become a wise Sage in Final Fantasy Explorers is right in this guide!
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Sage in Final Fantasy Explorers is like a mix between a high level Black Mage and White Mage. Their Magic and Spirit stats are a little lower than each, but still pretty close. Their proficiency is in high level magic, so you’ll only bring the best.

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I will go over the basics of the Sage job, describe the play styles, give an example of a build, and more. Check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game.

This guide will go over everything about the Sage job in Final Fantasy Explorers including:

  • Sage Job Basics – Everything you need to know when deciding whether or not to play Sage.
  • Sage Ability Build – An example build that I use for Sage and why I use it.
  • Sage Job Mastery  – What you need to complete the Mastery Trials: Sage quest and what you get for doing it.
  • Sage Job Equipment – What materials you need to craft the Sage-Only gear and how to get them.

Sage Job Basics

Sage is listed as a Damager or Healer. Their high level magic and higher ability load allows them to do either or both. Their unique ability, Concentrate, is what pushes them ahead. This is a charged ability that increases power of damaging and healing magic, and widens the area of effect. Their passive, Enlightenment, reduces the amount of AP consumed by abilities.

They only use Tomes at the start, but can use Staves or Rods later. They cannot dual wield, so I kept a Tome.

You can go strictly damage, strictly heals, or a combination of the two like I do. Sage does suffer from AP issues when in battle, even with Enlightenment, so I suggest getting equipment with Absorb AP on it, like the Thief’s Anklet.

Sage Ability and Mutations Build

I’m going to give you the build I currently use for Sage and describe why so you can get a good idea of one of the ways you can play Sage. If you need info on mutations and how to get each one, visit my Mutations and Crystal Surge Reference List.

Final Fantasy Explorer Sage ability

Left Abilities
  • X – Concentration
    • Suggested Mutations – Buffs, Regen
  • Y – Mighty Guard
    • Suggested Mutations – Stat buffs, possibly instant cooldown
  • A – Regen
    • Suggested Mutations – Restore HP
  • B – Curaga
    • Suggested Mutations – Remove Ailments
Right Abilities
  • X – Firaga
    • Suggested Mutations – HP Power Factor, Elements, Link ability
  • Y – Poison
    • Suggested Mutations – Status Ailments, Poison
  • A – Blizzaga
    • Suggested Mutations – HP Power Factor, Elements, Link Ability
  • B – Thundaga
    • Suggested Mutations – HP Power Factor, Elements, Link Ability

Concentrate for increasing your Magic and giving it extra buffs helps make you even stronger. Mighty Guard is a Blue Mage skill that grants P-Defense, M-Defense, and Float. Check out my Blue Mage guide if you aren’t sure how Blue Mage abilities work.

Regen and Curaga lets me heal if needed. White wind can also go in place of Regen if desired, but I prefer this setup. Mutations for removing status ailments can help while you are healing.

The right side has all my damaging. I went with the standard Blizzaga, Firaga, and Thundaga so I could fit in healing abilities. Linking them all together will greatly increase damage. I only had 15 load left, even with full Sage gear, so I decided on Poison. This gives me another damaging move and I can put things like Blind on it, or more Poison, to make it better.

Sage Job Mastery

When you complete 10 quests as a Sage, you can do the Mastery Trials: Sage quest. You must encase any 1 eidolon to complete the quest. If you are having trouble with monsters or teammates killing the eidolon before you can encase, then go in solo.

Completing this will do multiple things:

  • Allows Sage to equip Staves and Rods
  • Increases max HP and AP for Sage
  • Gives Sage Guide

The last part is an item used to craft gear that only the Sage Job can equip.

Sage Job Equipment

Final Fantasy Explorers Sage equipment

All of the Sage Only equipment start with the word Insight. There are pieces for Head, Torso, and Legs. Besides the unique look, Job specific gear adds 5 to your max ability load and takes away 1 from the base equipment trait for each piece. This gives you a total of 15 extra Load.

They all require the same types of materials, but torso uses more. Below is a list of the materials needed and where to get them.

  • Sage Guide – Completing Mastery Trials: Sage quest.
    • Amount Needed: 1 for each piece, total of 3.
  • Alraune Root – Drops from Alraune monsters, located in Hibat Caverns.
    • Amount Needed: 1 for each, total of 3
  • Magic Pot Shard – Drops from Magic Pot monsters, located in Hibat Caverns.
    • Amount Needed: 2 for each, total of 6.
  • Hardwood – Random from gathering Log spots.
    • Amount Needed: 3 for Head and Legs, 4 for Chest, total of 10.

The best way to get Magic Pot Shards is to do the 6* mission, “Hit Up that Pot One More Time”. This has a room of Magic Pots and you get the Crystal Surge to summon more.

This is it for my guide on Sage in Final Fantasy Explorers. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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