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Football Manager 24: How to Increase Club Reputation

Here's how to increase your Club Reputation in Football Manager 24.

Club Reputation sounds like one of those throwaway mechanics that you shouldn’t pay any mind to. However, it’s a huge part of making your club a desired destination for top players within your scouting network. Here’s how to increase Club Reputation in Football Manager 24.

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How to Increase Club Reputation in Football Manager 24

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Why is Club Reputation Important?

Club reputation is important for the sake of recruiting high-valued and world-renowned players in Football Manager 24. Say there’s a highly coveted player with world-class ability. The end of their contract with their current club is approaching in a few years, and to cash in on that player’s ability and profile, their club puts them up for sale. Two offers come in for the same transfer fee and wages. The teams? Manchester United and Burnley.

On paper, these two clubs don’t offer anything different. They both play in the English Premier League, which is by far the most popular football league in the world. However, more often than not, the player chooses to play for Manchester United without a second thought due to the club’s worldwide popularity.

Football Manager 24 recognizes such distinctions by implementing a Club Reputation rating for every team in the game. Giant clubs with a history of winning high-profile competitions such as league titles and being mainstays in continental competitions such as the UEFA Champions League will have a higher reputation. This places them above clubs outside of title challenges and/or are perenially midtable. Going back to the previous example — Manchester United and Burnley — the former club has 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, and three Champions League wins. The latter hasn’t won a league title since 1960 or an FA Cup since 1914. It hasn’t been a contender to even qualify for the Champions League in decades. Therefore, Manchester United has a reputation of 4.5 stars, while Burnley only has 3.

Winning Consistently Increases Your Club’s Reputation

If you desire to take the club you’re managing in Football Manager 24 and transform it into a reputation giant, I’m happy to tell you that it’s possible. However, increasing your club’s reputation takes a lot of time and, most importantly, a lot of winning.

One way to increase your club’s reputation is to start winning top-flight league titles. However, we’re not talking about just winning one and then reverting to being a midtable team in the league. After all, winning the Premier League in 2016 as hopeless underdogs certainly did tons for Leicester City in real life. But it was a one-off title win, and the Foxes are nowhere close in terms of popularity when compared to other massive English clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, or the aforementioned United. To grab the public imagination, you must consistently win titles or be a viable contender for them over the course of several seasons.

This isn’t the only method to increase Club Reputation. Another way is to consistently make deep runs in the UEFA Champions League, as it typically features the most popular and successful clubs in football — think Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc. On top of that, you should be winning the top domestic cup or at least making a few finals. After you’ve done all of this, your club will gradually increase its reputation and become a more desirable target for the best players, coaches, and youth products in the simulated world.

This is how to increase Club Reputation in Football Manager 24. For more guides on Football Manager 24, be sure to check out the dedicated hub.

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